#LadyBoss Interview: “Be open minded to new ideas, Include your employees on designs and decision making and Work as a team” – Lucky Sabas, Founder, Lucky Creations

Photo Credit: Lucky Sabas

Innocentia P Sabas (lucky) born in Kagera Region (located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania on the western shore of Lake Victoria, Founder Lucky Creations is one entrepreneur that is not slowing down anytime soon. Her designs have travelled wide from Tanzania to major cities in Russia, and Africa. In this interview she had a lot to share about her upbringing, becoming a beaty queen and starting entrepreneurship, scroll down an enjoy this read!


A brief Introduction on the person and personality behind the brand Lucky Creations

Innocentia P Sabas (lucky) born in Kagera Region (located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania on the western shore of Lake Victoria.) Due to working scenario of both parents, I ended up being raised in the Business capital of Tanzania (Dar es saalam) coming from a family of 4 siblings, I must say I’m the mostly different sibling among the rest, I would justify myself as the bubbly one, annoying one (well sometimes) joyful, the life of the party and the artistic one. Over years of growing up, trying to live life’s dreams and juggling between being a mother and dream chaser, I might as well justify myself as a strong and ambitious individual, who doesn’t accept No where its meant to be yes.

Background story and Inspiration to Founding “Lucky Creations”

I started as a commercial model, and runway model in 2006 came up in the fashion scene from the pageant of Miss Tourism Tanzania(2006), worked hard as a model, because it was the bridge to achieving my goal of being a designer. In 2011, that was the birth of Lucky Creations. While living in the beautiful island of Zanzibar, I was inspired with the tourism market based in Zanzibar (stonetown) and the influence of the big Italian community living there.

There I saw so many people interested in our African wear attires and there wasn’t much modern twist African fashion in the industry, till one day walking through stone town, I saw two different designers displaying their beautiful craft, that was the day I told myself I was ready to enter this industry and immediately LUCKY CREATIONS was established, and I had my first collection launched (LA PRIMA Italian word meaning THE FIRST) with over 80 Garments and 20 models. I must say it was a success way to enter the fashion designing world

Photo Credit: Lucky Sabas

What has been the Highlight for you since you founded your businesses, what inspired the name and what do you do at Lucky Creations? 

The name LUCKY was actually originated from my middle name Lucky (BAHATI) and since all that I’m into is creating different looks, etc. I choose to call it LUCKY CREATIONS. My duty is to sketch from just an idea to an actual attire, sourcing for fabrics, styling, stitching and making patterns, working hand in handy with my team and tailors. My duty is to make sure lucky creations does what every unique fashion brand offers society.

Well I must say, being able to showcase my craft on different platforms in and out of my country has been the biggest highlight. LUCKY CREATIONS has been able to showcase at SWAHILI FASHION WEEK PLATFORM (biggest fashion week East-Central Africa) for 9years nonstop even being on various nominations and scooping awards. Being able to see a brand established just from a small island to big cities Like MOSCOW (Russia). MAKING WOMEN FEEL BEAUTIFULL and confident while wearing my designs are the biggest highlights.

How do you handle running your business successfully in this social clime?

In this era of social media; There are several things that they are key to me and the success of my business that I always consider;

Delegating power to my employees, taking advice (everyday is a learning day) and always including them in matters that has to do with the company’s growth, design and future projects.

Keeping track of everything that comes in and goes out of the brand. (i.e) focus on production, design and delivery of top-notch products from Lucky Creations), Thus making sure the client is satisfied.

Keeping my ego in check.

Making good use of the Internet. Now this is the most crucial part of our business, because a bigger part of lucky creations brand depends on social media (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp) from advertising, connecting with customers and introducing new trends and designs from our brand.

Photo Credit: Lucky Sabas

How do you stay innovative?

To keep myself innovative, I always learn new trends from the world, color palettes, always learning from African, western and beyond dressing cultures (This mix can be seen from the variety of Lucky Creations designs). Marrying western and African designs/culture). Simultaneously tapping into street culture, trends and high-tech which helps us in anticipating customer needs, hence embedding this methodology into our business model.

Your plans for lucky creations in five years 

In 5 years we plan for Lucky Creations to have at least 3 flagship stores in key strategic locations in Tanzania, 2 in Dar Es Salaam and 1 in Zanzibar and in the future in other parts of East African Region.

Open a learning center where we will be able to professionally train and develop young upcoming fashion designers, stylists and tailors.

Create a dedicated Lucky Creations website for our ready to wear line (to be launched later this year) where clients can order various products quicker, and help us connect with them faster.

Strengthening our worldwide delivery process to be able to deliver to our customers faster.

Photo Credit: Lucky Sabas

Challenges and Lessons on your journey?

Throughout the development of Lucky creations, I underwent many challenges, however the major ones were,

Availability of tailors who can quickly learn my ideas and designs and bring them to life.

Quality and variety materials to work on during production.

Customer’s understanding of products value and appreciation. In the beginning we had to struggle with some clients who undervalued the values of our products since we were just young and upcoming; however now the outcome is different we are able to set prices without as much struggle as before.

Upcoming projects and what you hope to achieve  

Our current projects are the relaunch of our flagship store in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and we are on final stages of launching our first ready to wear line which will focus on ladies and kids and later on add more designs to cater for gents too.

Photo Credit: Lucky Sabas

Tips on how to create an impactful business 

Leverage everything.

Have a plan but be flexible.

Have Perseverance to fuel your plan.

Don’t burn out. Create time to rest your head.

Hard work.

Team work and inclusion.

Care to share the secret(s) to your success as an entrepreneur  

Always focus on the bigger picture which is the growth of your brand.

Seek, listen and work on customers feedback.

Be open minded to new ideas; Include your employees on designs and decision making. Work as a team.

Utilize the use of internet especially social media.

Learn daily.

Ensure you give the best quality of your product and deliver on time. Always strive to deliver the very best and keep your clients happy.

Close collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Stay up to date with technology.


Final word to women in our community 

Hard work and focus. Success only comes from working hard.

Be passionate of what you are doing.

Be agile to perform but persistent.

Trust your instincts.

Take advantage of every opportunity you encounter.

Trust and rely on your team.

Honesty and integrity.

Deliver quality.

Give back to the society.


Remember to enjoy your journey, the success journey is very long but rewarding.


The Lady Boss Series is a weekly interview series that highlights the achievements and entrepreneurial journeys of African female entrepreneurs. The idea is to showcase the Leading Ladies who are transforming Africa and the African narrative through enterprise and business.

It is an off-shoot of Leading Ladies Africa, a non-profit that promotes leadership, inclusion and diversity for women of African descent.

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