This is how Khadijah went from being homeless to becoming a Harvard graduate

Khadijah Williams, a young woman from California, wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She alongside her mother and her younger sister began moving from shelter to shelter when she was just six years old. Although, this should have been enough to discourage any dreams she may have had of living a normal life, she refused to be discouraged. Khadijah went from being homeless to becoming an Ivy League college graduate after winning a scholarship to study at the prestigious Harvard University

At night, Khadijah would write English essays, and practice maths questions until the lights go out. Many nights she slept in bus stations and on the streets with her family when they couldn’t make it to any shelter home.

Despite their tough situation, Khadijah’s mother remained a strong source of inspiration for her. She encouraged her daughters to remain positive no matter what and it has paid off. Not only is Khadijah a Harvard graduate, she now works for City government in Washington, D.C., where one of her tasks is helping homeless kids.


Khadijah has this to say to any person, homeless or otherwise, who feels like they can’t do anything about their situation “You can.”

“For a while, that’s all I had—the belief that I could do it. All you need is that belief because you can. I did it.”

Khadijah is proof that although you can’t control the circumstances of your birth, you can change the narrative of your life by believing in yourself and working hard, against all odds

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