Joyce Peters: Our beauty is our authenticity, We Africans are so diverse.


Joyce Peters is an inspiring and world class portrait photographer, in this interview she talks to us about how Africans can embracing the beauty encompasses them and sheds more light on her journey as a photographer.

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Tell us about Joyce P

It’s my way of expression and capturing beauty. I see so much beauty around in the environment and in people, so photography helps me to capture them and share it with others.

What are your takes on the African mentality toward engaging female photographers?

Some people don’t expect females to be photographers or to be good at it. Despite the fact that my name is Joyce which is clearly stated, and I use myself as my profile, people who dm me assume I’m male, this happens quite often.

Apart from that, I feel like people are warming up to female photographers and even anyone taking photography as a profession. Before, it wasn’t seen as something profitable and respectable as a doctor or lawyer but now things are changing for the better. 


How was your self-confidence built? We are sure it didn’t happen overnight so tell us about it.

I just tell myself that no ones’ focusing on or looking at me and what I do, that they’re too busy with other things and it gave me a type of humbling freedom and confidence to do what I want the way I wanted to without the pressure of feeling like I’m in a type of spotlight.

What are the major challenges you’ve faced in the industry?

People tend to try and take advantage of me, this goes from clients to other professionals in the industry, I had to know how to discern between jobs/ collaborations that served me fairly and the ones which didn’t then put my foot down when I need to.


As Africans we don’t fully appreciate the beauty that encompasses us, what’s your take on that?

I agree, it’s sad but true, our people were told for the longest time that we aren’t beautiful and that the western look is the standard, so that is a main cause of this issue, the more we realize how great we are as a people, the more we’ll be able to appreciate ourselves, especially our beauty.

Tell us, what’s your definition of African beauty in photography?

Our beauty is our authenticity, we Africans are so diverse, I honestly don’t think there can be a single standard look that is glorified as beautiful, we can just work our God given features and our beauty will shine through. I have always appreciated this about us. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself travelling the world, discovering, creating, and documenting other people’s versions of art.

So many young individuals look up to you, what’s your advice to them?

Believe in yourself and your work, once you’ve got that self-conviction, you’ll be unstoppable.


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