Improve Your Productivity with A Better Work Environment— Try these 7 Tips!

1. Organize your desk and workspace

To reduce clutter and feel more organized at work, take time to develop an effective organizational system. Place files and documents in labeled folders inside your desk or another storage location in your work area. Clearly label digital files and put them in marked folders on your computer to make it easy to quickly locate your documents. Making your office area feel less crowded can help you feel more focused and allows you to complete tasks more efficiently.

2. Reduce distractions around you

Finding a good work environment means choosing an area with little to no interruptions. If you’re given an option to choose your workspace, try to find a spot that’s secluded and quiet enough for you to easily focus on each task. For open office environments, try to politely and professionally request silence while you’re working. If any distractions persist, ask your supervisor if you can move to a quieter location.

Try to limit distractions by turning your phone off and closing any non-work-related tabs while you’re completing projects.


3. Give yourself proper lighting

If you’re able to, find a spot in your office that fosters a positive tone to boost your mood and motivation to work. Exposing yourself to the proper amount of light can enhance your productivity, make you feel healthier and increase your relaxation on busier days. If getting natural light is too challenging, try to bring in lamps to provide plenty of light to keep your mood and energy levels high.


4. Adjust your screen’s brightness

Using your computer to complete a majority of your daily tasks involves constantly staring at a screen. Adjust your monitor’s settings to decrease the brightness and enhance the font size to put less strain on your eyes.

If your eyes are still feeling strained, try looking away from the screen every 20 minutes and focus on a distant object for 20 seconds to give yourself a break from the screen. Try to factor in breaks from working on your computer by talking with a work friend or grabbing a snack in the kitchen.

5. Stay on track with a to-do list

As new responsibilities appear each day, it may seem more challenging to keep up with all your tasks. Build a to-do list and schedule that helps you maintain strong time-management and organization skills.

Start or end your day by writing a to-do list of upcoming items and create a schedule to complete them. This helps you build a strong daily routine for yourself and allows you to prepare for the next task once you’ve completed one. Crossing an item off your to-do list can also provide you with an accomplished feeling and may motivate you to continue completing more tasks.


6. Allow time for breaks

It may be tempting to stay at your desk all day to complete tasks. Give yourself breaks from your work to allow your brain time to rest. At least once a day, you should leave your desk and take a walk outside. This gives you fresh air and allows your brain to focus on other items, which allows it to feel refreshed and ready to continue working again.

You can also give yourself a break and boost your focus by meditating or doing yoga. If your focus is decreasing throughout the day, take a break to breathe or stretch. Start or end your day completing exercises or yoga routines at home. This helps you begin or finish your day on a relaxing note.


7. Maintain proper posture

Try to maintain proper posture by sitting up straight in your chair. This can decrease any back pain you may feel throughout the day to keep you comfortable. Using a fitness ball or a standing desk are other ways to maintain a healthy body while working all day. These can help your brain stay active, focused and productive throughout your entire day

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