Ifeoma Uzoma is proof that excellence has not gone out of style


It is easy to dismiss what she sells as unimportant but Ifeoma aka Ogiriwoman, through consistency and hard work, is standing out. 

She had tried selling pap, nylon and even pepper but none of them brought much profit so she decided to try out something new. Read her exact words. 

“I ran into an elderly woman who was selling Ogiri in the market. I was amazed by the fact that she would come and sell out in a few hours every day while we stayed for hours and hours before selling out.

So I approached her to ask her to teach me. She was sceptical at first because where I come from Ogiri is a skill mostly reserved for really elderly women. She felt I was too young but gave me a test to prove my passion. She asked me to prepare a simple one based on a recipe and I did it perfectly.”

This was the beginning of a turnaround. Every day, she would hawk ogiri in the market. Unlike other people, Ifeoma would announce her presence with singing and she met a customer who was so thrilled with her marketing prowess and recorded a video of her. 

This video, since going viral on Facebook, has brought new business opportunities as far as Australia.



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