“I am on the quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond” Have You Met Caroline Esinam Adzogble? Youngest African Woman to Own an International Accredited School.

“I believe knowledge is power and is very important in our day to day lives. Education is a right to people and not a privilege. Everyone, one way or the other has to educate him/herself. I am on the quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond. To make Education the most accessible and affordable to students located in over 146 countries.”

Caroline Esinam Adzogble 26, is a multipotentialite with core interest in Education and Technology. She is the founder of IAES Africa, a  consulting company that provides a platform for international student recruitment, international institutional partnership with a goal to build student capacity in various international schools especially, students from all over Africa, Middle East, and South East of Asia. She is also the founder of Potters International College. Through Potters College, students and employees in the corporate space get access to free training programs and materials that equips professionally for the tech space. On the specific focus on technology, she says: I believe, technology is the answer to everything. It runs our world.”

Speaking on her zeal for education and why she channels resources into providing opportunities that advocates for the inclusion of women in tech education she says: “I started school business since I was 19. I always knew I wanted to own a school where knowledge could be imparted into people. To prepare myself for the journey, I enrolled at IPMC to study database technology, hardware and networking programme, while awaiting my secondary school examination certificate. While pursuing those courses my love grew for the IT industry so, I got home one day from school and told my dad I was going to start an IT school and call it AITC (Ashley Hills IT Center). In 2014, I wanted to include other programmes so I decided to change AITC into a full time college and added other programmes so then came the name Potters International College.

“I am on the quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond. To make Education the most accessible and affordable to students located in over 146 countries”

Caroline is also the founder of Admission in 30 Minutes, Everyday Travels and Tours, Caroline Technology Solutions, Co-Founder and President of Caroline University and the Mercy Heart Foundation. With MHF, Carolines gives merit-based scholarships for students to study abroad on a tuition-free basis. For a 26 year old African woman, Caroline has done really well for herself. Expectedly, the journey has not been all roses and peaches, speaking on setting out on her journey for relevance as a young female African with a vision that seemed very daunting to others, she says: “A few people don’t take me seriously because of my age. I also sometimes get surrounded by opportunists because they think at my age, I don’t have a fair ground as to how I manage my finances.”

Speaking on attaining mental and financial independence, she says: “I want the young and aspiring to know that there is beauty in independence. And independence doesn’t come cheap. They need to work very hard for it. They shouldn’t place their happiness into anyone’s hand.”



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