I am committed to empowering other women in entrepreneurship and leadership through mentorship and creating environments that foster Diversity and Equality. — Genevieve Tambari Fadeh.

Genevieve Tambari Fadeh’s approach to her work and craft is steeped in zeal, originality, and devotion. As an enterprising African woman with a rich seven-year career, she stands as a beacon of talent and unwavering determination. Her diverse roles have sharpened her acumen in customer service, technology, and entertainment. A Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School-certified chef, a chandler, philanthropist, former beauty queen, videographer, and food photographer, Genevieve infuses brands with her distinctive zest and expertise.

Her trophy cabinet boasts the title of Miss Global Nigeria 2014, 1st runner-up at Miss Tourism Nigeria 2014, and the Miss Personality crown at Miss ECOWAS International 2009. In 2014, as Nigeria’s ambassador at the Miss Global International pageant in Jamaica, she was the proud sole African envoy, embodying both resilience and elegance.

The launch of Meraki Consortium marks four years of unwavering commitment, uniting a team adept in branding, web design, graphic design, consulting, and market research. Under Genevieve’s guidance, the firm has flourished, carving a niche in the industry. Genevieve’s leadership has steered the firm to success, with a portfolio that includes U Don Chop Lagos, Sip it Juicery, Cycle Pro Logistics, and Nuló Lagos.

Can you tell us about U Don Chop Lagos, Sip It Juicery, Cycle Pro Logistics and Nulo Lagos and how you have been able to balance these businesses simultaneously?

Running U Don Chop Lagos, Sip It Juicery, Cycle Pro Logistics, Nulo Lagos and now Meraki Consortium has been an exhilarating challenge and a testament to the power of synergy and a clear vision.
U Don Chop Lagos was launched 7 years ago after my Nysc in 2017, and we focus on making and delivering comforting meals and savory breakfast packs right to your doorstep within and outside the country while Sip It Juicery offers a refreshing and healthy complement of fresh juices, smoothies fruits parfaits, healthy salads and detox plans. Cycle Pro Logistics is a delivery company that ensures all deliveries are prompt and efficient, not just for my brands but for other brands and customers who require our services and this is crucial for maintaining the quality and service standards our customers expect. Nuló Lagos adds an artistic touch to any space by creating aesthetically pleasing, decorative scented candles and home interior pieces that not only smell great but also enhance any living space with their aesthetic appeal.
Each of my brands has a unique identity, but they all share a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Balancing these businesses is about strategic planning and having a dedicated team that understands the mission. We integrate operations where possible, and I use my experience in customer service, technology, and creativity to keep innovating and providing exceptional value.

I prioritize by focusing on the synergies between my businesses – like using Cycle Pro Logistics for deliveries of U Don Chop, Sip It and Nuló orders. Time management and a passionate team also play crucial roles.
Now, with the addition of Meraki Consortium, we’re also helping other brands to find their unique voice and path to success. It’s all about passion for the products, attention to detail, and the joy of creating memorable experiences for our customers.”
So you see, I’m bringing all my expertise under one umbrella to help other brands grow. that’s how I keep all the plates spinning.

Your diverse skill set spans across culinary arts, videography, photography, and philanthropy. How do you integrate these various passions into your entrepreneurial endeavors, and what role do they play in building your brand identity?

Integrating my passions into my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve found that each skill enhances the other. Let me explain, As a chef, I create flavors that tell a story; as a chandler, I craft scents that set a mood. My experience in videography and photography allows me to share these stories in a visually compelling way, and my work in philanthropy keeps me grounded and connected to the community. All these elements come together to build a brand that’s not just a business, but a reflection of my heart and soul. They help me stand out and connect with customers on a deeper level.

As a certified chef from the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School, how do you infuse cultural elements into your culinary creations? Could you share an example of a dish or recipe that holds special cultural significance for you?

My culinary training at Red Dish Chronicles really honed my ability to blend traditional flavors with modern techniques. I love infusing cultural elements into my dishes, like using local Nigerian spices and ingredients to create a fusion that respects the original while adding a new twist. For example, I might take a classic dish like Jollof Rice and elevate it with sous-vide cooked chicken for tenderness and a depth of flavor. Or taking a simple creamy pasta and infusing it with some palm oil and coconut milk marrying all the flavors together, that’s truly unique. It’s all about celebrating the culture and giving people a taste of something familiar yet new.

Being an African female entrepreneur, what challenges have you faced in your journey, and how have you overcome them? Additionally, how do you empower other women in entrepreneurship and leadership roles?

As an African female entrepreneur, I have faced and overcome numerous challenges, ranging from gender bias, societal expectations and work place assumptions to balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Through resilience, perseverance, and seeking out support, I have made significant strides in my entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, I am committed to empowering other women in entrepreneurship and leadership through mentorship, advocacy, and creating supportive environments that foster diversity and equality. By contributing to a more inclusive landscape for female entrepreneurs, I aim to pave the way for future generations and drive positive change in the African entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the economic times that we live in now, what is the importance of having multiple streams of income?

In today’s economic landscape, the importance of having multiple streams of income cannot be overstated. My diversified income stream offers me financial stability, flexibility, risk management, increased earning potential, and the ability to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. I see it as a proactive approach to financial management, enabling individuals to build resilience, adapt to change, and create a more secure and prosperous future.
In simpler terms, think of it like having several different pots on the fire. If one pot doesn’t boil, you’ve got others that might be simmering nicely. This way, if one job or business starts to slow down, you’ve still got money coming in from other places to keep things steady at home. It’s like not putting all your eggs in one basket – it’s safer and smarter.

As a chandler, what drew you to this craft, and how does it tie into your overall brand narrative? How do you balance the artisanal aspect of candle making with the demands of entrepreneurship?

As a chandler, I was initially drawn to this craft because of my love for scents by creating beautiful and soothing products that enhance the ambiance of any space. Candle making allows me to combine my passion for creativity, craftsmanship, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

In terms of my overall brand narrative, candle making fits perfectly. It aligns with my values of quality, customer service, and providing a delightful experience for my customers. I believe that candles have the power to evoke emotions and create a sense of relaxation and comfort. My brand narrative revolves around offering high-quality, handcrafted candles that not only smell amazing but also add a touch of luxury to people’s lives, homes and offices.

Balancing the artisanal aspect of candle making with the demands of entrepreneurship can be challenging, but it’s all about finding the right rhythm and balance. As a multi faceted seasoned business owner, I prioritize maintaining the integrity of my craft by dedicating time to hand-pouring each candle and using premium ingredients. At the same time, I embrace the entrepreneurial side by efficiently managing tasks such as marketing, inventory, and customer relationships.

It’s about finding a balance between the creative process and the business side of things. I ensure that I allocate time for both aspects and have systems in place to streamline operations. This allows me to focus on the artistry of candle making while also meeting the demands of running a successful business. It’s a delicate dance, but it’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive response from customers who appreciate the craftsmanship and the story behind each candle.

What advice would you give to young African women who want to make a difference in the culinary world, especially within the African context?

To all the young African women out there who aspire to make a difference in the culinary world within the African context, I would say this: Go for it, sis! Do You! Dare to be Different! The world will adjust. You have the talent, passion, and creativity to shine in the culinary world and bring a unique perspective to African cuisine.

As an African & Afro Fusion Chef. Here are a few pieces of advice that I would give:

1. Embrace your heritage: Celebrate the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Africa. Explore traditional recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Infuse your dishes with the flavors and stories that make African cuisine so special.

2. Be a continuous learner: Seek out opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills. Attend culinary workshops, take cooking classes, and learn from experienced chefs. Stay curious and open-minded to new ideas and techniques.

3. Network and collaborate: Connect with other culinary professionals and enthusiasts. Join local culinary associations, attend food festivals, and participate in food-related events. Collaborate with fellow chefs and food entrepreneurs to create exciting and innovative culinary experiences.

4. Tell your story: Use your platform to share your culinary journey and the stories behind your dishes. Whether it’s through social media, a blog, or a cookbook, let your voice be heard. Show the world the beauty and depth of African cuisine and the impact it can have.

5. Embrace technology: Leverage the power of technology to reach a wider audience. Utilize social media platforms, create engaging content, and showcase your culinary creations online. Embrace e-commerce and delivery services to make your food accessible to more people.

6. Be resilient and adaptable: The culinary world can be challenging, but don’t let setbacks discourage you. Stay resilient, adapt to changes, and learn from failures. Keep pushing forward and never lose sight of your passion and purpose.

Always Remember that you have the ability to make a difference and leave your mark on the culinary world. Believe in yourself, stay true to your roots, and let your creativity shine. The world is waiting to taste your delicious creations.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future, both personally and professionally? How do you envision continuing to make a meaningful impact in your community and beyond?

Personally, my aspirations and goals for the future are deeply rooted in the values and teachings of my mother, a seasoned retired teacher and educator. She has instilled in me the drive to be a pacesetter and exceed the records she set. I want to touch the lives of people, become a recognized figure in my craft, and make a significant impact in the world. Philanthropy and training others are key areas where I want to make a difference. By being a beacon of hope and inspiration to all humanity, I hope to leave a lasting legacy that reflects the values my mother instilled in me. Professionally, I’m committed inspiring others through my actions and dedication to excellence. I see myself making strides in my career, leveraging my skills to not only achieve my own goals but also to lift others along the way, fostering a community of shared success and positive impact.

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