How To Stay Motivated While Starting a New Business

I strongly believe that not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship and the ups and downs that come with it. Some people only settle for the glamour of being introduced as “Founder and CEO” of their “Company”.

Many people do not know that there will be days that motivation and drive will be very far away from you as a business owner and employer. Some days, you wouldn’t even want to be called “Madam” or “GM” because of the numerous challenges that come with bearing that overly coveted title.

Because we know how hard it is to gear up the motivation to carry on with a new business, we have a few tips that could help take some weight off your shoulders, or head, or mind ( wherever you believe the weight is situated ATM). Read them below.

  • Figure out a routine that best suits you.

Structure helps keep us in line each day. Even the day itself is structured in the sense that there is daylight in daytime and there is darkness when it’s nightfall. When we set up structures, we put many things in perspective and we can easily flow through our day instead or struggling and fighting our way through. Little things like ensuring to get enough sleep at night so you can be refreshed by morning will go a really long way in determining how your day turns out.

  • Know your funding options.

Finance is one thing that can get so many of us worked up and depressed sometimes. Maybe you’ve not been so lucky with your finances in the past, and that’s what’s dragging your confidence down. Considering finding an investor? Make sure you know how to pitch them. Want to take a more traditional route? Figure out if a small business loan for women with bad credit is right for your business instead. Figuring out your finances gives you a sense of peace ( trust me I’ve been there… I know.)

  • Reward yourself

If you’ve done well, and you have, give yourself a reward for it! At least a pat on the back is deserved at the end of a hard working day, and don’t let any negative thoughts tell you haven’t done enough. You’ve made good use of your time, and that’s all you can do!

Now that you have these Lady Boss tips, I’m sure you can take any giant head-on.

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