Have You Heard of BOTSOALLE?

Khotatso Carol Tshabalala was introduced to life’s challenges at a very early age after being a hostage in a house robbery that was orchestrated by about 4 men who took everything in the house leaving them with absolutely nothing. Khotatso, her mother and little sister were forced to move in with grandparents and other relatives. Now at 20, Khotaso has done well for herself; having gone on ahead despite these challenges and the attendant consequences to become a source of inspiration to many others.

Inspired by her personal trials and failures, On the 4th of July, 2018, Khotatso launched- “Botsoalle”, an initiative which was launched for the first time on the 24th November 2018 to motivate young girls and give them the freedom to share their issues with their mothers and to be an ear and a place of comfort to those who needed it. She believes that sisterhood is a bond formed by love, trust and spiritual freedom and through Botsoalle is trying to change the narrative that portrays girls as being unsupportive to one another.

To Khotatso, sisterhood is one of the most important relationships that is overlooked and undermined. She believes that women face different problems and life threatening issues on a daily basis and don’t have the freedom or confidence to speak up they are afraid of being judged and criticized by their peers.

One of Botsoalle’s focuses is grooming young girls to be better women, with a vision to empower and support women, create a safe space where they will have the freedom to express themselves, speak up and be assisted in any way possible. Botsoalle is a girl focused campaign; for the betterment of a girl child, their growth, development, health and education hoping to achieve, Pure love peace and happiness.

In line with the “Botsoalle” initiative slogan, “Be a sister and save a soul” a Girl Talk and pad drive would be coming up on the 16th of February 2019 with the aim to collect as many pads as possible for girls in Boitshoko Secondary School.

For more information you can reach the Botsoalle on Facebook: Botsoallebotsoalle

Instagram: Botsoalle

Email: botsoalle4@gmail.com

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