Meet Mwayi Kampesi, the creative that turns junk to riches


Most people see junk and all that comes to their mind is the trash can. Kampesi on the other hand had never seen junk as waste. When she began high school, she would collect junk, paint it, remold it and put in her room.

This was the start of her entrepreneurial journey. People would see items in her room and ask that she made something similar for them. Kampesi saw this as an opportunity to make money and she did so with joy. She later became an architect and while working, she saved 70 percent of her salary every month to start the business. This took three and half years. Isn’t that something?

Sometime in 2011, she founded In-House Interiors, an architectural, interior décor and space accessories company in Malawi. She makes stunning interior accessories like side lamps, coffee tables and chandeliers out of recycled materials.

Kampesi had some good training as a young girl. She watched her dad start a business, fail and pick himself up again. He also made his children work at his office every holiday. 

Presently, Kampesi employs about 25 people and this is just the beginning! 


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