Four things Beyonce taught us about what it truly means to be a power woman

Over the weekend, Beyonce stole the whole show at Coachella and gave us several doses of inspiration with an unforgettable eclectic performace. Aside from wearing the title of being the first black woman to headline Coachella, Beyonce showed us why she is the queen of the stage.

As we watched the entertainment goddess, we learnt some things about what it means to truly be a power woman.

Opportunity Must Meet You Prepared

Have you noticed how Beyonce is always on her A-game? Whatever the kind of stage she is given, she kills it. Always. Beyonce prepares in advance for every opportunity; sometimes, she prepares for months for what will eventually turn out to be a 10 minute performance.

Show up or go home

A power woman is not a mediocre woman. Do you know that Beyonce spent more on her performance than she was paid by the organizers of Coachella? And you could see the level of detail she put into her performance; the outfits, the props…everything worked together to give us TV moments that we will not forget any time soon.

Raise the bar 

Think about it, Beyonce doesn’t really have anything to prove. We know she’s good great. Yet, she keeps reinventing herself and giving 100% every single time. She stays beating her previous track record, not letting success get to her head. A true power woman does not glory in the successes of yesterday, she keeps raising the bar.

Open the door for others 

We don’t know about you but we were filled with absolute joy to see Kelly and Michelle perform with Beyonce. Coachella is a huge deal for any artist. She could have decided to shine alone but she brought her sisters to shine along with her. Now, that’s a true boss attitude! A power woman doesn’t think about herself alone. She also thinks about how she can pave the way for other women to rise.

Be unforgettable 

You will agree that people are not going to forget Beyonce’s performance anytime soon. She has a tour coming up so as people are getting over the event, they have her tour to talk about. When you bring your best effort into everything you do, not only will you stand out, you will be unforgettable. That is one of the qualities of a true power woman.


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