#FoodieFriday 9 things we learned from Ayodeji Megbope’s King Woman Interview

Ayodeji Megbope, the CEO of No Leftovers, a full scale catering outfit started her business selling moin-moin with just N1, 000. Today, No Leftovers records sales worth millions of naira every year, and empowers hundreds, by creating employment.


Ayodeji was featured in the first season of Kemi Adetiba’s King Woman Series. Her story was one that went straight through to my heart and gave me courage to keep moving and determination to achieve my dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

Here are 9 things I learnt from her story.

  • That you don’t have a university degree doesn’t make you any less of a person. It doesn’t stop you from pursuing and achieving your dreams. You can have big dreams and achieve them even without a university degree.
  • She experienced a turnaround in her life after forty (40) so age isn’t a hindrance at all. You can be 45 and still achieve those world changing dreams.
  • She started her business with just one thousand naira as earlier stated, but today she is raking in millions with this same business. I learnt here that persistence and perseverance is key.


  • She also teaches us that everything we need to have our big break is inside us.
  • I also learnt that receiving ‘’NO’’ for an answer isn’t a problem. It just means that you should move on to the next person. And the earlier you get over getting a ‘’No’’ the earlier you can move on to a ‘’Yes’’
  • Ayodeji teaches us to not be afraid of starting small. And as entrepreneurs, we should start with what we have, have a business plan and learn to manage our finance properly.
  • You never know what will come out of your life if you don’t try.
  • Brace up for challenges and bitter experiences because they eventually form the core of your success story.


  • You can never take away the place of God in your life, family and business. He is always there to bring us out of the wilderness. All we need to do is listen to his voice.

It is okay if you don’t yet know exactly where you are going. You have the rest of you r life to figure it out. Just take one step at a time. Have courage, be passionate and be determined.


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