Feyikemi Tosin-Kukoyi: Setting The Stage For Love As A Pro Event Mastermind.

Meet esteemed event planner Feyikemi Kukoyi, renowned for curating unforgettable experiences, who is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Bond with Me 007; Lagos Royale Edition. After eight successful years in the United States of America, Feyikemi is bringing this extraordinary event to her home country, Nigeria, for its maiden edition. 

The Convener Feyikemi says, “Bringing Bond With Me 007 to Nigeria has always been a dream of mine and I’m happy it’s finally becoming a reality. I want Nigerians to enjoy Valentine’s Day in a way that hasn’t been explored here before. We call it the 007 style and I look forward to sharing that experience with all attendees”.

In this inspiring Lady Boss Conversation with her she takes us through her journey, experiences, importance of collaboration in the event industry and how she balances both work and personal life.

Can you share a bit about your journey in the event planning industry and how you got started almost two decades ago?

Absolutely! I’d love to share a bit of my journey. My name is Feyikemi Kukoyi, often called F. T. K. – the initials of my husband and me, Feyikemi Tosin-Kokoyi. About 17 years ago, pregnant and planning my daughter’s one-year-old birthday party, I realized my passion for event planning. From childhood in Nigeria to organizing a princess-themed birthday, my love for meticulous event details was ingrained.

Fast forward to a 3-day destination 40th birthday in Florida, featuring luxurious themes and stunning moments for 60 guests. Inspired, we founded FTK Konnect Events almost 20 years ago. It all started with my husband suggesting FTK Concept on Facebook, and it stuck. That’s a glimpse into how the journey began.

As an international wedding and event planner, what inspired you to specialize in this niche, and to start Bond With Me?

Yes, as an international wedding and event planner, what inspired me to specialize in the Bond With Me 007 niche? I noticed a gap in the market for a special Valentine’s Day event. Living in the States, I observed the early marketing for Valentine’s, and the events I attended fell short. So, in 2015, after a vivid dream, I felt compelled to create a luxurious, high-end Valentine’s event.

The first two years were held in Washington, D.C., featuring scavenger hunts, a casino Royale vibe, burlesque performances, and live music. Attendees from various states embraced the concept, showcasing the demand for a unique, high-quality Valentine’s Day experience. Now, eight years later, Bond With Me 007 remains our flagship event, growing stronger each year.


Event planning often involves handling unexpected challenges. Can you share a memorable experience where you had to overcome a major obstacle and how it contributed to your growth as a professional?

Oh yes, event planning has its different levels of expected challenges, and I guess that’s what makes us professionals. I’ve been doing this professionally for 17 years and anticipated, knowing that there would be multiple layers and different tiers of challenges, both expected and unexpected. Conquering these challenges is part of why you need a professional event planner, regardless of the scale of the event, whether small, medium-sized, or large.

A memorable experience occurred not too long ago, just last year in 2023. We planned a wedding at a Jewish venue, which brought unique challenges such as food restrictions and limitations on vendors. Cooking on-site was not allowed, making the venue a blank canvas. Every vendor, from tables and chairs to utensils and chafing dishes, had to be coordinated by my team. Two weeks before the event, a major vendor unexpectedly pulled out, providing utensils, plates, chafing dishes, and warmers. This was a multicultural wedding with the bride’s family from the Caribbean and the groom’s family from Nigerian.

Despite the challenges, we secured a refund and swiftly booked a new vendor, interviewing multiple options within a short timeframe. It wasn’t an easy process, but our experience and professionalism allowed us to overcome these unexpected challenges. Calming the couple down and assuring them that the issue would be resolved was crucial. Without a planner, this situation could have been overwhelming for the couple, and the last-minute changes incurred additional expenses.

This experience contributed to our growth and emphasized the importance of having options and being prepared for unforeseen circumstances. We learned valuable lessons, and each day, we continue to grow through new experiences in the world of event planning.

With your international experience, how do you navigate cultural differences when planning Bond With Me? Any memorable anecdotes or lessons learned?

Okay, as an intentional wedding and event planner, I honestly greatly pride ourselves in that we’ve been able to navigate different cultural differences. Not just at Bond with Me 007, but even at weddings and events with diversified guests. We’ve done many multicultural biracial weddings, such as Caucasian and Nigerian, Caucasian and Jamaican, Cameroonian-Nigerian, Senegalese-Nigerian, Ghanaian-Nigerian, and even Haitian-Nigerian, Haitian-Jamaican, among others.

One of the things I pride myself heavily with our branding and marketing is that we absolutely embrace and love diversity. With Bond with Me 007, in the years we’ve put up this event every single year in a row, the very first year was beautiful, almost feeling like an international football event with attendees from different backgrounds – Asians, Caucasians, African Americans, and mostly Nigerian. It was such a beautiful, well-balanced event, providing international validation and kick-starting Bond with Me 007 on a great note.

Since then, we’ve maintained the diversity, making it not just a very Nigerian and cultural event but a beautifully diversified one. It has become a well-balanced event where people come to network, meet new people, and mingle. We pride ourselves in being able to continue to grow with cultural differences and host beautiful, diversified events at Bond with Me 007.

Collaboration and networking are crucial in the event planning industry. How do you build and maintain strong relationships with clients, vendors, and other industry professionals?

Collaboration and networking are crucial in our industry, and it’s something I take pride in. Over the past 17 years, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with both clients and vendors, relying on these connections for successful event planning. We have repeat clients for weddings, birthdays, and various events, and we value the longevity of these relationships.

FTK Konnect Events embraces and welcomes networking and relationship-building. We understand the dynamics of working with both new and established brands, appreciating the mutual support and partnership in the industry. Currently, we continue to collaborate with vendors and clients we’ve worked with over the years, and we are open to connecting with new partners in the field.

Balancing work and personal life is often a challenge for entrepreneurs. How do you manage your time effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance?

 This is a common question I receive, even from clients. I’ve been planning weddings and events for 17 years. Around year 8 or 9, I started exploring the possibility of going into event planning full time. Prior to that, I worked in corporate America as a financial consultant. Eventually, by year 9, I transitioned into event planning full time. It’s been a blessing to turn my passion into a profession, allowing for a mostly flexible schedule. As an entrepreneur, mom, and wife, having my own schedule enables me to live a well-balanced life. Starting as an event planner at an early age and navigating through different life stages, including having teenagers, has made life easier. Despite occasional challenges, I’m thankful for the support of friends, family, and my husband, allowing us to balance responsibilities effectively. I feel blessed and thankful to do this full time, creating my own schedule and maintaining a well-balanced life.

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about the future of the Bond With Me event and Specifically it success in Lagos, Nigeria. 

I’m thrilled about Bond with Me 007! As a flagship event for FTK Konnect Events, it consistently exceeds expectations each year. Despite being a seasoned event planner, I still treat it like my baby, striving for perfection.

The future of Bond with Me 007 is international, and we’re excited to bring it to Lagos. There’s a significant buzz with potential partners and sponsors expressing interest. I look forward to expanding its reach to South Africa, Dubai, and other countries where we’ve previously executed events. The goal is to create a luxurious and beautiful experience, mirroring Bond’s global ventures. The future of Bond with Me 007 is poised to shine bright in different countries.


Lastly, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with fellow Lady Bosses who are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams in various industries?

Here’s advice for fellow lady bosses pursuing entrepreneurial dreams: Don’t quit at the first step; success is a continuous journey. Challenge yourself, move forward, and take each step towards success. Fight through fears and resist the urge to quit. Push consistently, taking baby steps into giant strides. Don’t let the layman’s mindset take over; keep striving. It’s not easy, but every day, forge ahead. Believe that God will turn your baby steps into giant leaps. Good luck, lady bosses – you can do it, and I believe in you.

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