Felicia Tshite started a business to help doctors look fashionable


As a doctor, Felicia did not like the drab clothes she had to wear everyday. They were unfashionable, unisex and without any iota of design. She didn’t feel feminine in them. This made her decide to make her own. Since she is fueled by a proper image, Felicia created what she needed, which is a feminine and fashionable yet comfortable and professional look. 

It was then she realized she was not the only one who shared that sentiment. Many other female doctors wanted to wear something different too. 

This led to the Dream Doctor Collection scrubs where they made scrubs that were fashionable, well-fitted, with different styles and colours. The company also allows clients customise their scrubs.


Presently there are 50 designs of scrubs medical practitioners can choose from and three product lines. 

  • Scrubs, made for medical students in theatre, trauma, ICU and on call.
  • Health Wear, made for medical practitioners in private rooms, outpatient departments, ward rounds and clinic days.
  • Corporate Health Wear, made for the medical practitioners who are specialists, the divas of medicine.

This is her advice to other entrepreneurs; ”Mind your own business, enjoy your own space and the quiet moments – quite moments can inspire you to greatness.  Also, self-introspection is key. You need to know what you want and when you find it you will feel instant peace. When people echo negativity or words like ‘impossible’, ignore them. There are times that require you to switch off your head and just follow your heart. Be willing to collaborate and share your vision with others; there’s more than enough for every entrepreneur.”


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