Ever met someone who loves to take vegetables out of their comfort zone? Allow us to introduce the Kitchen Butterfly


14533687_1160099754064911_1919930671430631424_nWho would have believed that before Ozoz was 9, she hated food? Sounds pretty strange right? Everything changed when she attended the summer festival in Edinburgh with her family and she had a meal of burger and Mirinda which sparked a new love for food. 

“For the first time I ate and was so full that my stomach hurt. I have never looked back since then”

Ozoz’s love and interest in food has only grown since that experience. The renowned chef has built a career and an army of loyal foodies who follow her on social media with her mouth watering and creative dishes.

She is known by her loyal followers as Kitchen Butterfly and there is a story behind the name. Since the story of her journey with food has evolved over the years just like the butterfly, Ozoz believes that it only makes sense for her to use the butterfly as a metaphor to describe herself and her craft.


Through her work as a culinary chef, Ozoz is able to fuse the three things she loves most; food, writing and photography. Not only does she make delicious meals, Ozoz also takes beautiful pictures of ingredients and food art for her teeming social media followers.

We love that she always has a new and refreshing approach to Nigerian food. She doesn’t take her job lightly at all. She constantly looks for new ways to use ingredients and she delights in taking fruits and vegetables out of their comfort zone. 

Her advice to young chefs is this; “Don’t let tradition, people’s thoughts, opinion hold you back from creating or exploring new ways to use old ingredients.”

Culled from CNN Africa Voices

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