Entrepenuer advice from Irina Marina


Irina Marina is a Mozambican photographer and CEO Irina Marina Photography. Specializing mainly in environmental portraiture, portfolio formal portraits, documentary photography and event photography, they help bring life to each client’s vision. The company also has a graphics side of the business that deals with logo creation, website design, the making of brochures, invitations, business cards, etcetera.

Want to know her advice to young entrepreneurs? This is it.

”Find your passion! Be sure what you want to do; do your research, shadow other women, ask questions, create a strong network, study attentively what it is to be an entrepreneur. Importantly, also save money, and ultimately, just start. This is not my first try at entrepreneurship, I have tried to do this twice before. So my advice to others is, if it doesn’t work out, regroup, learn more, and try again.”


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