#EndSARS – How Should My Business Communicate Online?

Let’s face it, 2020 has been an emotional roller coaster for many businesses. The pandemic brought more than many could handle. If you live in Nigeria, the recent #EndSARS protests have revealed the rot in the police force and shown that Nigerians are TIRED of being mistreated. We have heard countless stories that bring tears to our eyes and cause throbbing pain in our hearts. The unrest, the killings, extortion, and total disrespect of human life are too heavy to ignore. For many small and medium scale businesses, the question remains how do we support the movement? Do we post on social media, what do we post, and how do we communicate?

I understand your concerns. Let’s address the first issue. When your business is located in a country going through unrest, it is wise to lend your voice to the cause and communicate your stance. Staying on the fence or keeping quiet is unacceptable.

Don’t carry on as if nothing is happening. Addressing the issue proves your organization’s values and ethics. You’ve been telling your clients how the services you offer are more than mere services, now is the time to prove it. Now that we’ve set the records straight. Let’s highlight a few ways to communicate as a brand during civil unrest.

  1. Ensure that you address the challenge.

In a bid to stay on the sideline, many organizations miss the mark. For example, the hashtag for the unrest in Nigeria presently is #EndSARS #StopPoliceBrutality. In whatever message you share during this period, please include these hashtags. This way, it is clear that you are doing this because you believe in the movement and also want a change. Avoid diverting attention from the issue at hand.

  1. Show true emotion 

If you have never had an encounter with SARS officials, it will be great to read through stories and immerse yourself in the pain of those who have gone through the madness. Your messaging will be different and heartfelt. Remember that people can read through empty messaging and the desire to stay relevant. Don’t try it.

3. Use your mailing list.

If you are still joking with your mailing list, you need to stop. Push your email marketing campaign to the forefront, speak compassionately with your customers, share what you believe they can do to stay safe during this period and beyond while promoting your products and services without a lack of sensitivity.

Here’s a bonus tip, speak to your employees, and ask how you can help them during this period. If you can, allow them close early to avoid being harassed or stuck in traffic due to the protests. Be human.

In all of this, remember to be compassionate and empathetic when speaking online during this time. Take time to review all scheduled posts and campaigns to ensure that they are aligned with the times.







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