Dr. Jerisa Berry created an app to help women struggling to get pregnant


Dr. Jerisa Berry had troubles conceiving and went through a painful experience of miscarriage like many women around the world.
This opened her eyes to the reality of what other women could have been facing and together with her husband they decided to use their medical expertise to bring awareness and knowledge to the fertility struggles that so many women face.
In 2015, they began to develop Secure Your Fertility–the web app designed to help women learn more about their biological clock and what they can do to preserve it.¬† This way they were bringing direct help to women on how to preserve their eggs and ensuring that their body is ready once they feel ready to have a baby.
The app is designed to help women learn more about their anti-mullerian hormone (AMH, a protein hormone produced by cells in the ovary) level. Various levels of AMH in a woman’s body can influence her probability of conception. The lower it is, the harder pregnancy becomes. “An AMH reading of about 1.5 and up is considered normal. A woman has a good egg reserve when her AMH numbers are high.

When going through this process, Dr. Berry advises that all women should keep in mind that everyone’s body is not the same–what may be easy for you may be difficult for others.

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