Don’t Let Your Age Define You! Redefine Success on Your Own Terms.

You are never too old to start following your dreams! Today is the perfect day to start working towards your goals! Growing up we hear “oh you can do that when you’re older, be a kid now,” “only grownups can work,” “maybe one day you are going to do that.” Why halt the pursuit of your dreams because you think you are too old and it’s too late? Today is a great day to start living your life and following your passions!

Age is just a number and it should have no effect on how much you can accomplish. One idea can spark a brilliant idea that can be a catalyst to the rest of your life. Many successful companies have been started by people under the age of 18 or above the age of 50 who have followed their passions and started their own businesses! Here are a few ones who started way above 30years…

Ernestine Shepherd, 78, world’s oldest female bodybuilder started at the age of 56

Ernestine started working out when she was 56, thanks to her sister for that inspiration. Today, she takes classes for mostly senior women and older men. She started her classes with just 10 people and now some morning’s people can’t get in the room.

Deborah Ramsey survived layoffs with her entrepreneurial skills at 56 

After suffering through a couple of corporate layoffs, Deborah became a business founder. In 2008, she opened Natural Wellness and Spa which offers services and products to women and seniors.

Success should not be judged based on age but rather by your actions and accomplishments. Whether you are 50 or 15 years old you can follow your passions. Never be afraid to pursue your passions and never let a number (your age) get in the way of your success, Redefine Success on Your Own Terms.

Parts of this article was first published on Huffpost

Cover photo: Dr Kiarra King

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