Dere Awosika: The Woman King Advocating for Quality Education

The impo
rtance of quality education cannot be overemphasised and that is why every day, more and more persons lend their voices to this cause. Dere Awosika stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, a shining example of what’s possible through dedication and a commitment to quality education. Her unwavering commitment to promoting the significance of education is exemplified in her Fearless Legacy video.

A Woman King

“I was born from the loins of a lion, an African trailblazer who blazed the trail for me to follow. Cut in his prime when I was just a child but his legacy lives in me.”

Dere Awosika’s life story is one of determination and perseverance. Born in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, Ajoritsedere (Dere) Awosika is the sixth child of the first Nigerian Minister for Finance in the first republic Festus Okotie-Eboh, who was assassinated in 1966. However, the absence of her father did not stop her from becoming a high flyer. Awosika never allowed adversity to deter her from pursuing her dreams. Her commitment to education was unwavering, and she saw it as her ticket to a brighter future.

Today, she is the chairwoman of Access Bank Plc., Africa’s largest retail Bank, and prior to this appointment, she was the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Power (2013), Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science & Technology (2011), and the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs (2010). She is a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacy. She is an alumna of the University of Bradford, where she holds a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Technology

The Fearless Legacy Video

Dere Awosika’s Fearless Legacy video is a heartfelt testament to the transformative power of education. In the video, she shares her journey, highlighting the pivotal moments and decisions that led her to where she is today. Through her story, she underscores how quality education played a vital role in shaping her path towards success. Like many others, Dere encountered obstacles that could have easily derailed her aspirations, however, through her unwavering dedication to her education, she not only surmounted these challenges but also used them as stepping stones toward her goals.

Inspiring Others

“Time has taught me that the biggest impediment to a progressive society is a malnourished mind, and the best medicine for a malnourished mind is education. Education took me to heights that would have been unimaginable for this little child. Fear is probably not your biggest hindrance, ignorance is. But with education, we will conquer fears and transform Africa.”

Dere’s story demonstrates that with determination, resilience, and a commitment to education, anyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams. Her message is clear: education is the key to fostering a progressive society and building a legacy that transcends generations.

She reminds us that fear should never hinder our pursuit of education and success. Instead, it should serve as a driving force to propel us forward, much like it did for her. Her message resonates deeply with individuals of all ages, inspiring them to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities in their educational journeys. She reminds us that no matter where we come from, education can be the great equalizer, paving the way for a brighter future.

As we reflect on Dere Awosika’s journey and her Fearless Legacy video, we are reminded of the transformative power of education. Through her advocacy and accomplishments, she continues to make a significant impact, not only in her own life but also in the lives of those she inspires to pursue education with fearlessness and determination.

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