Dear Entrepreneur, This is how to secure the bag!

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Ladies, 2022 is our year of securing the bag! but how do you secure the bag when you don’t even know how to?

As Entrepreneurs, you’re hardwired to desire profit. After-all, that’s why businesses are established but it can become really difficult to make progress and track profit if the business isn’t properly managed which could eventually lead to the crash of the business.

If you have been struggling to secure the bag, here’s how to do it like a boss!

1. Keep Financial Records

This is your best bet to track the progress of your business.

Seriously, how do you know how much profit your business made in a year if you are not keeping records? Knowing Your Financial Situation You need to know where your company stands daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.


2. Pay yourself

Shocked, right? How do you secure the bag if you are exasperated from running the business alone with no pay? Pay yourself a percentage of the profit. You worked for it! You need all the motivation and  energy needed to help your business thrive. Pay yourself, you deserve it!


3. Leverage Social Media for your Business:

There are a lot of features Instagram is rolling out to support business owners, be in the know and take advantage of it. Stay active on other platforms as well and watch your money grow!

If you haven’t considered implementing social media as a major component of your company’s growth strategy, it’s time to take the leap.

If you have been doing it the wrong way, it’s time to make the switch to the right lane and go for the bag!

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