She is Curvy, Fine and Fabulous. These are the reasons why we love Uzo Aduba

The world loves Uzo Aduba and clearly, so do we, here are a few reasons why we love the radiant award winning Actor and Human Rights activist, Uzoamaka Aduba.

uzo 1

  1. She teaches us that beauty radiates from within.

Uzo Aduba teaches us to accept the tiny bits of ourselves that we value. This way it is easy to always be positive about ourselves. She also teaches us to not forget the people who already notice these little amazing things about us.

  1. She teaches us the importance of authenticity.

Aduba’s character Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ on OITNB suffers from a mental health disorder, something that Aduba does not make light of. And as mainstream audiences start encountering more narratives surrounding mental health and the taboo surrounding the topic begins to shed, Aduba is aware of her role in aiding the movement. In an interview with Newsweek she explains:

“There is a lack of care and respect being paid to the mentally ill. It has been stigmatized: people battling mental illness have been marginalized in society, [told] they’re not really full-rounded people, so it’s OK to mock them; we’ve seen that throughout our history from racial groups, to sexual orientation groups, that it’s OK to mock someone that we don’t consider to be a whole human being when the truth is, that is a moving, thinking, alive person who actually does feel those wounds.”

And getting more personal, Aduba continues:

“I have had my own encounters with the mentally ill…and I never want anyone to feel like they have been misrepresented, or in any way shortchanged. . . As fun as our show is, and as fun as Suzanne can be, I take her feelings seriously. I feel very protective of her.”

uzo 2

  1. She is a living and breathing testament that hard work pays off.

We have learnt through her life and achievements that hard work pays off, and evenif we don’t know what will come or when it will come. We know that something will come if we work hard.

  1. She teaches us the importance of being proud of who you are and where you come from in a world that may challenge that.

As a kid, she asked her Mom if her name could be changed to Zoe because the people around her couldn’t pronounce her name (Uzoamaka). And her Mom taught her a timeless lesson about the importance of embracing one’s self just as they are (Names Inclusive). And she has not failed to pass that lesson on each time she gets the chance to.

  1. Most importantly, she reminds us to laugh.

Aduba may arguably have one of the best smiles and laughs around, and lucky for us we get plenty of it.

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