#LLACareerQuestionnaire: Country Manager at Avanti Communications Ltd. Says ‘Ruby Woo’ By MAC is Her Go To For That “Badass” Feel!


Jane Egerton-Idehen is currently the Country Manager Nigeria and Regional Sales Director West Africa at Avanti Communications Ltd. She is a telecommunications executive with over 16 years’ experience in Nigerian, Liberian and Ghanaian telecommunications markets. She holds an Engineering degree from the University of Nigeria, MBA from Warwick Business school, UK and an Executive education from Harvard Business School. She was recently listed as one of the #50LeadingLadiesinCorporateNigeria

Jane takes our Career Conversations questionnaire.

What is your number one hack for dealing with difficult colleagues/bosses?
There are different types of difficult colleagues/bosses. I would say for the “Bullies” you set the boundaries and let them know. In cases where it is a boss, I would consider leaving that department or organization if the environment is toxic and not good for growth. There are some scenarios where it is just a boss with very poor managerial or leadership qualities or experience. In this case I would say you “manage” your boss and use your experience and maturity to navigate their shortfalls.

2 things you do when you are having a bad day?
Reach out to very supportive friends and get some positive boost of energy.

Focus on gratitude and remind myself of all the things I am grateful for: my family, my health , loved ones and the wonderful experiences of life I have gone through.

When you are creatively stuck, you…?

Take a mental break, do something totally different. Hit the gym or go for other sports: Golfing, swimming, dancing, tennis. There are so many active sports that can take your mind momentarily off and help refresh your thinking.

2 tips for navigating office politics?
I used to say avoid it but the higher you climb that becomes tougher to ignore. Office politics or the use of power and social networking within an organization becomes key as you climb the corporate ladder. My advice is that you get informed and harness your skills in this. The process and behavior in human interactions involving power and authority is vital for leadership. You would need that  to positively make the right call when required. I would recommended that you be aware of what is happening in your organization however avoid spending all your time doing that alone.

If you could have a lunch date with one woman you admire – who would that be and what would you ask her?
That is actually my big thing, I do loads of lunches with women I admire, that is how I started www.womenncareer.com- a platform that supports women with growing their careers and encourages young girls to start one. One lady I still have on my bucket list to have lunch with is Mellody Gibson, after watching her candid TED Talk I became a fan. I would love to know what drives her and what she hopes will be her legacy.

If you could wear the same hairstyle to work everyday, it would be?
Right now, that would be my own hair let down or in a bun. I have really lovely hair and seeing my daughter wear hers has created this new found admiration for my hair!

Your all time favorite book is..?
I love to read, it is one of my favorite things to do. I also love and admire a lot of authors. Malcolm Gladwell’s “ The Tipping Point” would definitely be on that list

That lipstick hue that leaves you feeling “badass” is?
That would be “Ruby Woo” by MAC. I love it and on any good day I would have more than one. A girl always needs backup !



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