Are you committing too much or not enough?

Before you start wondering what this post is about, It isn’t just about that relationship. This applies to your finance, career, family, health and general life.

Ever wonder why you’re doing so many things but none of them seem to be yielding the results you want, when you want? You need to sit back and examine the system you’ve been on with your ideas and aspirations.

Black woman confused

Really try to think. Are you getting things done or are you just birthing ideas here and there without actually nurturing any one of them? It is absolutely great to have a very active and idealistic mind. But how do you ever achieve anything when all you do is catch an idea and right before you’re able to begin acting on it, you’re putting out another one.


I’m not saying you should stick to one thing only, but ensure to lift one off the ground and genuinely watch it soar before putting out another. This is practical, so pick up a journal, or a sheet of paper and genuinely answer this question for yourself. Are you committing too much or not enough?

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