#CareerConversationsWithLLA: “No one becomes sought after by just doing their job description, what is the extra something you bring to the table? – Wunmi Adelusi, Financial Services Regulator, Bank Examiner – Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Photo Credit: Wunmi Adelusi

Wunmi Adelusi is a qualified chartered accountant with a Bachelor from Covenant University and master’s degree (Distinction) in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Likewise, she has an MBA. Following the success and relevance of her research, she earned a place in the 2018 published class notes. https://network.business.leeds.ac.uk/2018-class-notes/ Wunmi is an experienced finance specialist with outstanding achievements in risk-based supervision, delivery of financial audit, analysis and business development activities across the financial services industry. 

Currently, she is a Bank Examiner with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). At the CBN, she works within a multicultural team to assess the financial performance of deposit money banks against set criteria such as terms of total assets and liabilities, earnings, capital, staff capability, compliance to local and international financial standards.

She has worked with a national NGO to develop the summer camp curriculum to support and inspire young teenagers towards occupying leadership roles.  Spurred by the desire to mentor and inspire students and young professionals, she started an online community of millennial employees where she shares relevant information aimed at building, empowering, inspiring, supporting and promoting employees to thrive in their careers. 

She has written several articles for Bella Naija, Africanism Cosmopolitan and Women of the God-kind on Career, Academic Excellence and Faith respectively.


A brief Introduction 

Here’s an abridged version – “My name is Wunmi Adelusi, and I am the Leading Ladies Africa career conversation woman of the week. I am a chartered accountant by profession. Currently, I work as one of the regulators in the financial services industry. Everyday, I ensure that financial institutions within my purview carry out their businesses in a fair, transparent, accountable and law-abiding manner, thereby maintaining financial system stability. This requires me to do a lot of financial analysis, research, surveillance and monitoring. I love what I do because it allows me to influence the greater good of Nigerians from my desk. ”

Can you briefly describe yourself and what you do? 

My name is Wunmi Adelusi. I am a wife and mom of two boys. I am a chartered accountant by profession. Currently, I work as a regulator in the financial services industry. Spurred by my desire to see millennials be the best version of themselves, I founded a community of millennial employees, aimed at inspiring and equipping millennials at the workplace to thrive. When I am not reading, I am writing or found in my kitchen, cooking.

My job requires me to assess the risk profile of financial institutions, evaluate their performances, review their business strategies, ensure compliance with local and global standards. As a result, I get to do a lot of financial analysis, research, surveillance and monitoring to ensure a safe and sound financial system.

Photo credit: Wunmi Adelusi

How did you start out your career and how long have you been in the corporate world? 

I started my career in a private accounting firm here in Abuja as a Business Development Manager. There I was responsible for the firm’s outlook, implementation of growth strategy and financial audit processes. I have been in the corporate world for over six years.

Your number one hack for dealing with difficult bosses/colleagues?

First, I present him or her to God in prayer. After which I outdo myself. My belief is that even a difficult boss knows a good job when he/she sees one. That is the part where I can control the narrative; I do so well.

Photo credit: Wunmi Adelusi

3 tips for navigating office politics? 

Interestingly, I published an article about this on Bella Naija. Office politics is a must happen; therefore, a must-play.

Set career goals for yourself: This will always give you the bigger picture and better perspective which will propel you to keep getting ahead. For me, it’s a reminder that politics is part of the package – a means not the end.

Aggressively embrace personal development: I can talk on this all day. Gosh! It will keep you focused. And you need to focus on the number one point to materialise. Don’t leave your development to your employer or any individual. Continuous personal development will guarantee you a foot in. To navigate office politics, you must know your onions and personal development is how.

Dress up, Show up and Speak up: Sometimes all you need is to show up and speak up. Don’t be shy to let people know what you can do or ask for what you consider yourself to have earned. In today’s parlance, I would relate it to personal branding.

When you’re creatively stuck, you…? 

I listen to gospel music and look through my gallery, the thoughts of my family rejuvenates me.

Photo credit: Wunmi Adelusi

What’s your take on mentorship? Important or nah? 

Ah! Mentorship is important. I advocate for it. Why struggle on a journey when there are people who have walked that path before? You just need to find them and seek guidance. I am a firm believer in mentors, both those you watch from afar and those you know one on one. It cannot be overemphasised. I recently graduated from a formal mentoring program.

How can women harness opportunities in a male-dominated field? 

Be proactive. We should brace up to take responsibility and not make excuses. We cannot preach equality only when its convenient, lets do the work too. We should get certified; it gives a better chance at getting a seat at the table. People want to know if you can do the job and it will be unfortunate to have an opportunity meet you unprepared.

– Each one brings one. It is essential to remember that we bring opportunities closer and faster to each other when we refer each other. Collaboration over competition, always.

Tips for diversity and inclusion in the workplace (esp. for women)? 

Organizations should have clear policies against workplace harassment; – enforcement of women rights such as maternity leave – Job Description and performance appraisal should be result-oriented, not gender-based.

Photo credit: Wunmi Adelusi

If you could have a lunch date with one woman you admire – who would that be and what would you ask her? 

In as much as I would have loved to say Mrs Awosika, I feel I know her to some extent because I have been watching her from afar for a while now. So I will say, Mrs Aisha Ahmad, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria. I will ask her these questions:

  1. How does she fight imposter syndrome particularly being one of the youngest female Deputy Governors the CBN has ever had?
  2. How did she adjust to cultural demands? E.g. covering her hair, going off social networks, 3. How does she handle swimming with the sharks particularly those older?

Top 3 tips you’ve used that career women in our community should implement. 

Personal development: I always want to be ahead of the latest developments in my industry, so I set to do at least a course per quarter. No one becomes sought after by just doing their job description, what is the extra something you bring to the table? Let it be your knowledge, and personal development is how.

Be consistent at giving your best; people are always watching. This helps build your personal brand and causes the right opportunity to find you easily.

Never burn bridges. Network is the new currency of the workplace; you don’t want to damage the bridge to your next level before arrival. Be generous, stay cordial with people, show empathy, keep things at work and as work.


The Leading Ladies Africa weekly Career Conversation series focuses on women of African descent, showcases their experiences across all socio-economic sectors, highlights their personal and professional achievements and offers useful advice on how to make life more satisfying for women.

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