#CareerConversations: “Be flexible, dynamic and be quick to adapt” – Akosua Mpare, Founder of AKG Media

Akosua Mpare

Akosua Mpare is the founder of AKG MEDIA, a PR agency that develops innovative /creative ideas, handles  crisis management  for brands and also creates employment for young ladies in Ghana.

Akosua describes PR as the mouthpiece of an organisation or the heart of an individual’s brand therefore it is important to get the right person to handle your brand or communication. 

She  started her PR company, AKG MEDIA, to pursue her dreams and passion which she developed during my youth service days at Airtel Ghana. She got her very first contract after service and it created an avenue for her to really develop innovative /creative ideas on how to open up her own company  AKG MEDIA as her passion came calling and she followed her dreams by getting her Masters in PR to help her get more knowledge and how to be better at it.

The company has really come a long way in a short while and has been able to give out employment to a few and also extending across the border amidst the difficulties. The goal is to make AKG media one of the best PR agencies in Africa, and create more employment. As time goes on, Akosua plans to begin a PR institute that will help young and aspiring individuals follow up their dreams and passion with focus on young ladies who are interested in PR and model them into the very best of themselves.

Akosua Mpare is a graduate of  Psychology and the study of religion from the prestigious University of Ghana, legon and also has a Masters degree in Public Relations which she obtained from Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ). Akosua is particularly passionate about problem solving and strategic planning. Helping people achieve their desired ambitions and dreams fuels her passion.


What has been the Highlight for you since you started your career?

There are lots of highlights I could mention, but the one that comes in mind is when i was able to come up with a project that keeps all employees up to date on all products in the company and made them brand ambassadors, after finding out that some employees had no or little knowledge and information about the products of the company and also finally starting my own company (AKG media)and really making positive impact in the society. No doubt nothing good comes easy but determination, passion, commitment and hard work the sky is definitely the inception.


Can you describe a typical day at your job?

My typical day comes with some interesting activities. First I attend to emails and respond to them, then I check the social media pages to read comments, follow up with engagements just to know how well the brand is doing. Then I do some posts.  

I attend to my clients, offer professional advices and strategies to my clients.  ( this is actually the most interesting part because I derive pleasure in listening to the problems and being able to proffer solutions.


Do you have mentors? Who are they and how important is mentorship to you?

Yes I do, my former boss who’s leadership , qualities and work ethics are exceptional.  He played a big role in modelling me into who I am today.

Mentorship is everything to me as it plays a huge role and defining point in one’s career. It provides guidance, challenges me to be a better version of myself . An avenue to think out of the box , learning new things/ thinking  and sharing valuable life lessons.

Have you at any point failed at something? How did you handle it?

 There’s is always that point we fail but the determination to succeed prevails, I remember when I decided to add designing to my work to make it easier for my clients, because most of them has been asking if I did designing, however the first few weeks were not easy I could not connect with the designs and I decided to give it up, but that was when I realized, that the try and error was making me better my last attempt was better than the previous so i kept pushing and I made it happen, now I have added flyer making, teasers etc to my work.

What is the best piece of professional advice you have received, and why?

 “Be flexible, dynamic and be quick to adapt”, this was an advice given to me by my mentor, because Public relations changes all the time, and there are various ways to communicate an information to your audience therefore I should always be ready to change my methods to suit the situation I should be flexible and dynamic and when there is a crisis I should be quick to adapt to the situation and help resolve it as soon.


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