Career Quick 5 with Cowrywise Customer Experience Manager, Enor Izomor

Enor Izomor is the Customer Experience Manager at Cowrywise, a digital-first wealth management platform building products to help individuals and businesses easily access wealth management services, cultivate better financial behaviour, and make the most out of their money.

Enor has over 6 years of experience in client operations and people management. She started her career as a Medical Laboratory Assistant but subsequently transitioned to customer operations.

Despite having a background unrelated to the fintech industry, Enor has consistently improved her management skills and has a working knowledge of the macroeconomics and investment sectors as well as the effects of their interactions on the customers she is responsible for.

Enor is on a journey of continuous improvement in order to establish herself as one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s top CX Managers. Outside work, she  enjoys visiting new places and seeing crime movies. In this interview, Enor shares one of the pivotal moments that shaped her career’s trajectory, and how it empowered her to see herself in a new light. 


How do you handle unexpected setbacks or failures in your career path?

Deep breaths first, that just helps me remain centred and in control of whatever emotions might be rushing at me at the time. And then I try to figure out what happened and why it happened so I can pick up lessons and re-strategize to keep pushing forward in my career.

● Work playlist or peaceful silence? How do you orchestrate your workspace ambience?

Well, it really depends on my mood per time, some days I’m fine with being in a peaceful and quiet environment while some other days I’m vibing to jazz music and enjoying the ambience. I understand that music helps put me in the right frame of mind for work but there are some days that I really would just like my peace and quiet. So really there’s nothing cast in stone.

● Can you share a pivotal moment in your career that shaped your trajectory?

So I’ve had a couple of critical moments in my career but one that jumps at me right now is a few months down the line in my first managerial role. I found myself struggling and I had this conversation with my boss and he said a lot of things in that meeting but something that remained with me was that he said that he wasn’t 100% sure when I first got the role but at that moment, we were having that meeting, he was confident in my abilities to lead my team and the responsibilities we had. That was all I needed to keep pushing forward at that time in my career.

● If your morning routine was a meme, what would the caption be?

Godu abego. So I work with a Fintech Startup and trust me when I say things moving really fast. We are consistently innovating, consistently thinking around new strategies to just improve the processes and the services we offer our customers. And also, because we are in a regulated environment, as we are changing and trying to improve, we are also thinking around our regulatory framework to ensure that we are in the right all the time. So yeah, things are consistently moving like that.

● Share your “Note to Self” that you read every morning for inspiration.

My note to self that I read or tell myself every morning is that I’ve got it. Enor, you’ve got it and there is nothing that is insurmountable for you. So keep pushing and keep going.

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