Career Girl Tips for Success for Introverts.

Are you introverted? Constantly worried about how to get ahead in your career? these four career girl tips will help you navigate the murky waters of career progression and provide perspective on how your personality type can help strengthen  your career rather than impede it.

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1. Find out your type of introversion

It will give you a complete picture of who you are, what motivates you and the kind of situation and career that would suit you. Understanding what kind of introvert you are will help you in the long run. Not only will understanding yourself help you understand others, but it will also help you communicate better with your team and hold your hands up when you know something is a limitation for you..

 2. Socialize and Know that your weaknesses are actually strengths

Some introverts are happy in large social situations, they just feel emotionally and physically drained afterwards. While others prefer to get a read on people and find out where they fit in the group before they take on any socialising, others flat out throw in the towel when it comes to large situations. It is important you approach networking events with a positive thought process “my introversion is a strength” . That said, gravitate towards the people that interests you and initiate conversations on common interests. A conversation starter could be “I love the shade of your lip stick” That could then spiral down to a full blown conversation and from there you can move on to career conversations.

3. Be realistic about yourself

You know what you can handle. Some people get energy from people, while others feel drained by them. Some people love to communicate, and others dread it. Say no to things that you know are going to drain you or make you feel uncomfortable. If constant bantering drains you, avoid getting into conversations that requires you to prove; if gossip drains you, avoid situations and conversations where you know you will be enlisted to corroborate a rumour. Bottom line is know what you can handle and stay within the boundaries of that knowledge. Of course this doesn’t mean you should stay in your cocoon and never interact with others. Definitely not! Introversion is not a synonym for anti-social. By all means socialize with people ESPECIALLY those that are pivotal to your carer growth.

4. Use technology to get ahead

The best thing about being an introvert nowadays is that you can use the internet to get ahead. Networking can be taken online, connections can be made via LinkedIn, and you can practice socialising with others without feeling drained.

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