Bozoma Saint John has broken every glass ceiling that has come her way


She is a music lover, social connecter, risk taker,  mother and the Queen of Silicon Valley.

On social media she is known as Badass Boz. From having a music career to becoming the Head of Global Consumer for iTunes and Apple Music to her recent job as Chief Brand Officer at Uber, Bozoma has shattered every glass ceiling that has come her way. 

Her life may seem so perfect but she went through her own storms 

Bozoma’s parents thought the only career options for her were the tactical higher-education-type jobs — doctor, lawyer, engineer and so on. 

For someone who was very interested in culture and a bit of politics, this was a restriction  According to her, those were the three options. Her dad was not at all open to the idea that there would not be a higher education in her future. She eventually had to go to college and start pre-med although her heart was not there.

She eventually quit med school and faced what she loved. This was another hurdle. She needed to convince her parents about it. 

This was a pretty defining moment in her career. According to her, that call went terribly. “It was difficult because my parents were concerned about my future and I wasn’t. I was concerned about my present. I’ve always been concerned with my present and not really the future. I don’t make five-year plans. I don’t make pro and con lists. I go with my gut.”

When she lost her husband to cancer it looked like she was not going to pull through but she did.

Her husband’s death pushed her to keep going for whatever she wants because she realized life was fickle.

In her own words, There’s a fearlessness that came with that experience. I thought, The handcuffs are off, I have to go for it. Don’t think about it, don’t make the pro-con list, don’t agonize over it for six months, because my husband was diagnosed and died within six months. There is no time. It inspired me to get moving.”

We are completely inspired by Bozoma!  

Culled from Cosmoppolitan 


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