Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola just recieved an irresistible offer that will turn her business around


Bilikiss Adebiyi–Abiola, CEO of Wecyclers, a recycling company in Lagos, recently received an offer from an international investor that will definitely turn her business around. It all happened during a live recording of Business Daily where she voiced her concerns about some of the challenges entrepreneurs face in the day to day management of their business. 

In her speech, she also talked about the challenges of running a waste management company and getting investors to help move the company forward. Eric Guichard, an international investor who was also part of the live recording, responded to her concerns by offering to connect her with a technology company in India that will significantly help her business.


In his own words, “We will grow your asset base, we will issue a 2 to 5 years diaspora bond against those assets that will be backed 50% by the US government through USAID development credit authority.”

This is a huge milestone for Bilikiss who has consistently been making an impact in her field. We can’t wait to know what results from this offer.


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