Beverly Jenkins: The Queen of Black Romance Fiction

Beverly Jenkins might not have dreamt of being a writer as a kid, but her destiny took a turn from library shelves to bestselling novels. Her big dream back then was working in a library. Fast forward to 1993, and her husband’s birthday brought a life-changing call – Avon Books wanted her first book, “Night Song”. Published in 1994, it was the start of a remarkable journey.

Now, almost 30 years later, Beverly is a household name in the world of romance novels, especially those with a historical twist. But her stories aren’t just about love; they’re time machines taking us back to 19th-century African-American life, a period often missing from the bookshelves.

Back then, her unique perspective wasn’t always welcomed by publishers unsure what to do with stories about Black characters outside of slavery. But Beverly persevered, and today, she’s the “Queen of Black Romance Fiction”, with over 30 novels to her name and awards galore, including an NAACP Image Award nomination and the prestigious Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her impact goes beyond novels. She’s shared her knowledge at universities like Princeton, talked about both romance and 19th-century Black history, and even wrote contemporary women’s fiction and romantic suspense novels. Talk about versatility!

Her latest historical novel, “Rebel”, brings the heat with a love story narrated by the amazing Kim Staunton. It’s just another example of how Bev keeps pushing boundaries and captivating readers.

So this Valentine, if you’re looking for love stories with a powerful historical twist and a dash of empowerment, Beverly Jenkins is your queen. Dive into her world and discover a writer who doesn’t just write happily-ever-afters, but rewrites history with every word.

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