Benefits of getting registered and obtaining your Nigerian permanent voters card.

The Primary reason for the Nigerian voters card is to give all eligible citizens the right to vote, this means that individuals who have this card have the right to vote and put any candidate on the seat of leadership.

So, the most important benefit is the right you have to vote any candidate of your choice. This is our opportunity to make a decision for a better nation. It also gives us the opportunity to work towards diversification in the nation. Another election season is upon us and it would be wise of us to have the necessary tools that will further help us build a more inclusive government.


All citizens of Nigeria, who are aged 18 and above are encouraged to apply for their voters card. Here are the steps to getting registered below:

  1. visit any of the local government office close to your residence
  2. collect a bio form
  3. fill and submit to the INEC attendee
  4. fill up your form online along with the INEC official and thumb print
  5. collect a temporal voters card which will be given you by the official
  6. register your temporal voters card number at their book
  7. revisit your local government area after about 4 months to collect your permanent voters card.


Note: you are not to make any form of payment as regards this, also you must be between the age of 18 and above before you apply for Nigeria permanent voters card.

Upon collection, you are to guide your card Judiciously for any loss will cause you your legal right to vote. Remember that your vote counts and your voter’s card is your passport to make a change.

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