Being your authentic self is always a Yes!, everyone else is taken. Tips to living a life of content.

Be your authentic self, everyone else is taken. ‘The little things that we do everyday have a way of affecting our lives as a whole.
We’ve been told many times that we must love ourselves first, in order to know how to love others, but we must first accept who we are, no matter what it is that we think is our flaw or insecurity. We can only be ourselves. that’s where true contentment lies.

Take out time to practice these few tips and watch your life get more meaning.

Give: How you can and when you can.
Generosity without the expectation of something in return is a magnificent act to practice. The key is to know your boundaries and limitations. Whether dealing with money, time or energy, give what you can, when you can to the point where you are still able to live your life well.

Sleep well
Experiencing a deep, full sleep each night is crucial to overall everyday contentment. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, it is difficult to garner effectiveness during your day. So get enough sleep. Don’t forget that.

Spend time with nature
This seemingly insignificant act can act as an elixir to the mind, Giving you the opportunity to breathe in fresh air, feel natures elements and be be completely present. This goes a long way to eradicate any traces of lingering negativity.

Understand new things will be hard initially, but it will get easier with time
Choose to try new things and be firm with yourself to stick with it as it will be hard initially. So long as you truly want something or to learn something — a new language, a new skill, an improved social life, a better job, increased savings in your retirement account — don’t let the first stage of struggle deter you. It will pass, so long as you don’t stop trying.

Having doubt is okay
Self-doubt is a natural, healthy human emotion. To not have doubt is to not care, to not be invested. Doubt can be used much like a compass, pointing you in the direction of your desires and passions.

Be in pursuit of passion that gives you purpose
Upon discovering our deeper nature, we discover our strengths, and those strengths will help to lead us each to our purpose. It is the marriage of pleasure and purpose that enables us to get lost in the everyday work because we are in love with what we are doing. this also is why it is imperative that you do what you love. remember that “pleasure in the work, puts perfection in the job”

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