Amara Agbim is setting major standards for nannies with The Nanny Academy

Amara Agbim

Amara Agbim is definitely a super woman. She has had a nanny for 11 years but that’s not why we think she’s super. She noticed that her nanny wasn’t so confident about her job and had little self esteem and she decided to do something about.

In her own words, ‘I just wanted nannies to be recognized, because I noticed from conversations with our nanny that she didn’t have a lot of confidence doing her job.  I felt deeply hurt by that and desired to do something to change all that.’

In 2010, she started The Nanny Academy, a hub for women seeking attractive and inspiring careers in ‘Nannying’ and provide work life balance – not just for the working mum but for every woman raising children under twelve years old.

Presently, The Nanny Academy trains about 150 candidates  annually on different programs like the Baby and Home Management Orientation program (BHOM).

Amara confesses that it wasn’t so easy to convince her husband and parents that she could do this full time. It sounded ridiculous that with all her qualifications she would settled to do this. However, after winning the BET Award, YouWiN, and the 40 under special recognition award from Business Day/Federal ministry of industry, her family began to reason with her.

The academy now has clients not only in Lagos but in Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Eket, Kaduna and overseas.

Well done Amara! 


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