This is Tumi Frazier, the international speaker who refused to quit despite all odds


Tumi Frazier’s passion for people development didn’t come suddenly. The international speaker, author and entrepreneur had always loved solving people’s problems and giving advice to those who needed it.

In high school, Tumi was always consulted by other students who needed advice and when she was presented with a difficult situation that she couldn’t give straight answers to, she would request her “mentees” to let her sleep on it, when in fact she would go and read up on the situation and return a few days later with sound answers. 

Tumi turned her passion into a business by setting up Tumi Frazier International, a company that helps individuals and organizations cultivate high performance culture. She achieves this with Leadership Development and Change Resilience Workshops, through to Keynote Addresses and Inspirational Sessions.

Although her business is now a success, it took a while to get off the ground. Tumi toiled for years but had little to show for it. There were times she even doubted if she would ever make it. Things got so bad at one point that her car was taken by the bank and her properties were due to be put up for auction.

Tumi however, refused to quit and instead worked on her business like her life depended on it. It didn’t take long before she made a breakthrough.

Her candid advice to young entrepreneurs is this, “Never underestimate the importance of the preparation. Everything begins with preparation, whether going on a journey, performing on stage, or attending a business meeting. Preparation positions you correctly and is often the differentiating factor between losing and succeeding.”


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