Adhiambo Mula-Lauwers is making sandals, way different from what you are used to

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Adhiambo Mula-Lauwers is the CEO of Galago a footwear brand with a difference. Her company not only celebrates African aesthetic but they embrace the traditional techniques and craftsmanship Africa is known for.

She is a fashion entrepreneur with a difference and is building a footwear empire that is customer centric.

The company uses craft, talent and traditional techniques to create fresh contemporary product for the 21st century customer. The company manufactures stylish sandals under two brands, the Design-your-own footwear and Ready-to-wear-footwear.

With the Design-your-own footwear, customers have a chance to interchange uppers of ready made full leather soles while the ready to wear consists of pumps, loafers and slip-on.


Adhiambo lived her early years in the sunny coastal town of Mombasa and was so used to wearing sandals. Starting a sandal brand was her way of switching up style, color and texture of what she was already used to. You will agree with us that she has done a perfect job.

Out of the different things that make them special, their ability to allow customers design their own style of sandals has given them an edge in the market.

Well done Adhiambo, Africa is proud. 


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