7 Things we learnt from Megan Richard’s LLA Interview

Megan Ricards is a creative muse and lifestyle blogger from Cape Town whose interest in blogging started a few years back. After struggling to go live with her website in 2014, she gathered the courage and pursued her dreams inspite of fear. 


In her own words, The Authentic Girl is someone who not only speaks her truth, but lives her truth. During our LLA Interview with Megan, we learnt that one should always be proud of who we are, and it’s totally okay if we’re different to everyone else. Keep reading to see 7 other things we learnt from Megan Richards, The Authentic Girl.

megan 3

  • Be authentically you at all times! There is nothing wrong with who you are. The world needs accept diversity (body diversity, religious diversity, cultural diversity etc). An authentic girl/woman embraces the good and bad parts of herself.
  • Its okay to have bad experiences, they shape you into the person you are meant to become.
  • There will always be challenges in life’s but its important keep moving forward. Don’t allow setbacks to hold you down. With the right attitude, you can overcome!
  • Love and respect the body you are in.
  • That dream lingering in the back of your mind – GO FOR IT!
  • Work hard and be passionate about anything that you do.
  • People will respect you if you have an honest work ethic.

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