7 Things we learned from Chiamaka Obuekwe’s #LLA Interview

Chiamaka Obuekwe’s passion, vivacity and bubbly nature is very obvious whenever you come in contact with her. She’s taken those traits and her passion for travel and transformed them into a thriving travel and tour business named Social Prefect Tours. This business was created with the intention of putting Nigeria on the world map, for the right reasons.

Chiamaka 4

In October, we had chat with her, and today we’re sharing 7 important things we learnt from her in that interview.

  • Your mid 20s is the point when a lot of your choices shape your destiny.
  • Losing your job isn’t the end. it just might be the beginning of a life changing situation in your life. Social Prefect Tours began fully when Chiamaka lost her job. make the most out of your current situation.
  • Be consistent. Put in work everyday. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean, so keep at it, even in tough times. Never give up; if one way doesn’t work out, strategize and look for other ways that work, but don’t quit.

    Chiamaka 5

  •  Always look for a reason to be happy. There will be bad days for sure, but you can find inspiration in the positive things in life. the most important one is ‘life’ itself. Be happy that you are alive.
  • Secondly, passion and enthusiasm is everything. If you are not passionate about whatever you are doing, it will show and eventually that thing will not succeed
  • Nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind to achieve it.
  • Challenges are the bread of champions. We cannot truly grow and become strong without challenges.

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