5 ways to stay motivated to reach your goals for the week

Motivation is an important tool necessary to achieve your set goals. There are always tasks that are so challenging that you barely can find the energy to complete the task yet you have to find the motivation to complete them because you recognize how each particular task at hand, like little drops of water make a mighty ocean, serves a greater goal. 

Here are 5 practical tips for staying motivated.

Break your goals down into actionable steps

Overwhelming tasks could be the reason you get demotivated about achieving your goals. They seem huge and insurmountable but you don’t have to do so much at once. To overcome this, break down your goals into tiny and realistic steps. Then, take small steps toward the goal, every day if possible. Reaching your goals is a lot easier and more interesting to do if you break the seemingly big tasks into bits and pieces.

Recognize Your Progress

Recognizing your progress makes your goal setting easier and also reduces failures in the future. That’s why it is important to always take small steps and recognize the positive progress made. This is how to keep yourself motivated in the long-term.


Enjoy the process

Your attitude to work is a major factor when it comes to increasing motivation. Be intentional about enjoying what you do. What can make pursuing your goals hard sometimes is because you hate the process to get there. Quit telling yourself you hate the work, tell yourself you enjoy it. Visualize yourself doing it happily. Explore new ways to make any task, no matter how difficult,  interesting and enjoyable. However you do it, find a way to not just love the result, but to enjoy the process to get there as well.


Visualize the success 

The practice of success visualization is one of the most useful tools we can employ to bring about success in achieving our goals. Visualize yourself succeeding, achieving every goal you set, completing every task you have. The more you visualize success, the more you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities which causes you to perform better. 

Celebrate your little victories

When your motivation is low, it can be challenging to accomplish anything. Imbibe the habit of celebrating your little victories. This will give you the necessary push whenever you feel demotivated. Your little victories are there to keep you motivated in the long-term. When you celebrate your small victories, you will give yourself little hits of energy that will add up over time. If you simply rush from one task to another always, you’d easily get exhausted and demotivated. Tracking those small achievements helps to boost your confidence and fill you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Do you have a weekly routine to help you stay motivated?  Which one of these tips will you be trying?




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