5 Time management tips every career woman needs to know

Time management refers to how you schedule and organize your time for different activities. There are different tools, and techniques to help you get more done in less time and time-management skills help you manage the time you spend during the workday and ensure that it’s being spent as effectively as possible. 

Many times we wake up each day with the hope to meet all deadlines without putting actual measures in place to achieve this. Don’t just hope, here are 5 time management tips that will help you organize and manage your day as efficiently as possible. 

Create a daily schedule—and stick with it: Creating a daily schedule may not be a new anthem to you but do you stick with it. Sticking with your schedule will ensure proper use of your time

Use your energy wisely: Conserve your energy! Do not waste your time and energy on irrelevant tasks. Focus all your energy on checking your to-do list.

Allot time limits to every task: When creating your to-do list or your daily schedule, include time limits. This will ensure you meet your set goals for each day instead of just working until they’re done. Don’t take on too many responsibilities in the name of leaving a positive impression or as a sign of dedication. Set limits for how many jobs you’re willing to accept from others that slow you down. This will help you avoid having an overwhelming number of responsibilities.

Avoid the urge to multitask: There’s a myth that multitasking increases your speed at getting things done. This could be sometimes true but it also reduces your efficiency which in turn wastes your time. Take it a step at a time!

Eliminate distractions: Cut every distraction! This can be the hardest tip to follow but it’s essential to focus on the task at hand and block out all distractions.

Gaining mastery of time management enables you as a career professional or a ladypreneur to accomplish your daily responsibilities effectively. If you find time management challenging, it can be helpful to know these tips so you develop time-management skills and smash your goals.


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