5 Things We Learnt From ‘To My Younger Self’ By Ronke Onadeko

We love it when people who have walked that path before us give us nuggets of wisdom to help us navigate our way to the top. That is exactly what Ronke Onadeko did when she put together the book, ‘To My Younger Self’, a collection of inspiring letters from business leaders and top professionals in different fields giving insights into their career, family and business journey. 

‘To My Younger Self’ is filled with so much knowledge that will make you wonder why you had not read it a long time ago. This book not only explains why some people do well in life while others with lots of advantages fall by the wayside, it also gives some life lessons that we all need to learn.

Here are five key lessons we took away from the different letters in the book:

1. Do not be mindful of your current circumstances. Your background may have put you at a disadvantage for now. Your habits may be very bad and seem like a trap. Opportunities may seem unavailable to you. Do not be anxious about where you are now and the road blocks ahead of you. All these challenges will fizzle away to reveal a brand new expanse of hope.

2. The earlier you discover the safety net of God and establish a personal relationship with Him, the more grounded and liberated you will become. 

3. Be measured in your actions; think about the consequences of your actions before you act.

4. Seek the guidance of those ahead in your industry – some people call them “mentors”; whatever you call them, find them and study their path. Every mission is different and you must have a plan to achieve each one because a plan is only as good as the input that goes into it.

5. Be disciplined. It’s an essential ingredient that makes a dream become reality. Discipline can be learned by acquiring new skills such as participating in competitive sports and games, learning to play a new musical instrument, learning a new language or memorizing quotes.




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