5 reasons Thuso Mbedu is a woman after our heart!

Nawi, from The Woman King. Source: IMDB

Western audiences might have become familiar with Thuso Mbedu through her roles as willful Nawi in The Woman King and Cora in The Underground Railroad, but our girl has always been a star here in Africa.

If you do not know who Thuso is(how’s life under that rock you’ve been, by the way), Thuso is a 31-year-old South African actress with various awards under her belt, national and international. 

Her filmography is a fascinating list of TV shows like our beloved Scandal, MTV’s Shuga, award-winning Is’thunzi and many more. She was also listed in Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 in 2018. 

We could go on and on about all the reasons we cherish Thuso Mbedu, but we’ve managed to make them all fit into five reasons. 


1. Talent! Talent! TALENT!!!

Cora, The Underground Railroad. Source: IMDb

If there’s one thing we can say about all the roles Thuso has acted, it’s the commitment! The way she embodies each of the characters she has played, sharing their joy and sorrows, will always make us gasp in awe. 

Her role as Cora in The Underground Railway was a particularly heart-wrenching performance that brought Oprah to tears. She also described it as the most consistent performance she had ever seen. According to Thuso herself, she had to undergo therapy to recover from the role.

We could also see her commitment to Nawi through the numerous intense training sessions she went through for the role. 

Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of The Woman King, termed her a ‘Generational Talent’, and we couldn’t agree more!


2. She Loves Dancing!

Thuso’s dance videos on social media make the internet a better place! 

Thuso dancing the Hambawena Dance Challenge with her family and friends

Whether it’s the #hambawenadancechallenge that went viral on social media recently or just being in the groove with friends and colleagues, Thuso always got the moves! 

If there’s a South African dance challenge, Thuso will join in on the fun!


3. Beauty. In and out!

Source: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu

In John Boyega’s words, ‘There’s a really beautiful one called Thuso, and she’s really good. And she’s easy on the eyes’

Thuso is so much more than ‘easy on the eyes’. She effortlessly radiates elegance and exudes that attractive confidence that always makes black women stand out.

Renowned Magazines like Essence, W, GQ, Women’s Health, Emmy, Backstage, and many more have had the pleasure of Thuso gracing their covers with her charm and allure. 

We think it is her stunning personality that shines through and makes her smile breathtakingly beautiful. 


4. Her Energy is always 100%!

Seriously, her energy is unmatched! From her cute social media videos to interviews, her quirky personality just sings out to you! 

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The just-completed press tour for The Woman King movie provided a lot of content from Thuso, where we could see her beautiful chemistry with her costars. 

Thuso is always a joy to watch, not just on the big screen where she is immersed in her roles but also when she is being her pleasant self.


5. Her Love for her fans is so endearing!

Thuso loves her fans! We could say this for several artists, but Thuso’s is particularly sweet.

Source: IOL

From her appreciative messages during award speeches to her frequent Instagram interactive sessions and Twitter posts, she continually communicates with her fans as often as work allows her. 

And you can bet we ride hard for her too!


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