5 Reasons Why Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope Are EVERY WOMAN!


Analise and Olivia have become more than just our favourite TV fictional characters. They are every woman. They not only keep us on the edge of our seats, they give us major winning goals as well.  They have become our go-to daily dose of feminine inspiration. Here are our top reasons why they are 5 times every woman’s dream woman!


  1. They Are 5 Times The Attitude

Talk attitude, talk Annalise and Olivia. These two are notoriously known for saying it as it is and not playing second fiddle to lesser opinions. You either like them the way they are or take a walk.  Here’s our favourite Annalise’s quote on that: ‘I am who I am. If you don’t like it, I don’t care!’


  1. They Are 5 Times The Fixers

If it smells complicated, then Annalise and Olivia are the go-to fixers. They might make it look even more complicated, but you can bank on them to get the job done. We do not call them our superwomen for nothing. Just one call to Olivia and ‘it’s handled’.


  1. They Are 5 Times The Personality

Nothing gets us like women who know who they are and are super true to themselves. Olivia and Annalise are every bit of class, self-respect and pride. Olivia knows she’s every man’s ultimate prize and makes it clear that any man who wants her must ‘earn’ her! Definitely our woman crush on self-worth.

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  1. They Are 5 Times The Power Dressers

When it comes to looking the smart and highly calculative part, Olivia and Annalise stay on top of their game. They are not just about the thinking and the doing, they are also about the dressing. They sure do know how to give their competitors a big run!


  1. They Are 5 Times The Winners

Analise and Olivia give us major winning goals. With these two, it’s either a win or another win. You may call it crazy, Annalise calls it ‘winning’. As for Olivia, she knows better than to take on anything she knows she will not win. Can we love them enough? Absolutely not!


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