5 Mistakes to avoid at the workplace!

The workplace can be competitive and cutthroat, with office politics being the order of the day. 

At work, you have to ensure that your actions are beneficial to building sustainable relationships while preventing stagnancy in all forms.

One little mistake can take you from being the MVP at your workplace to being the most disliked person. 

This article highlights five things you do not want to do at work.


1. Shifting The Blame on Others

Blaming others is a trait that started in our childhood to evade punishment from our parents and has trickled into adulthood and, sometimes, into the workplace. 

It is easier to make others take the blame. That prevents you from being held accountable. This, however, is detrimental. It doesn’t just destroy relationships in the workplace but also causes a lack of loyalty from your colleagues. It also removes any zeal to improve because if it’s not your fault, it’s not on you to fix.

To build great relationships with your colleagues and develop a growth mindset, take the blame for anything you are remotely involved in. This will help improve your problem-solving skills, build trust in you, and strengthen your transparency.


2. Taking all the credit  

So, you put in a lot of work on a project, and you got great results! Now, your boss gives accolades, most of which go to you. 

It might seem more satisfying to graciously accept the compliments and stop there. Don’t! 

Taking all the credit presents you as pompous and egotistical, primarily when you work in a team. 

Ensure you share that credit with everyone that gives even the slightest assistance.



3. Talking about how much you despise your work(or company or boss)

The advice is to love what you do and where you work. However, reality can be different. 

Sometimes, we float around different roles before finally finding what we love. Building relationships and having a great attitude could open doors for you during that period. 

One thing that doesn’t tell of a good attitude is when you always complain to your coworkers about how much you dislike your job, boss, or company. 

It shows a form of disloyalty that might prevent you from being included in some internal projects that could be advantageous to your career. 


4. Engaging in workplace gossip

No one likes to be the subject of office gossip. While gossip might seem harmless, it can be extremely damaging to its oblivious victim. 

Workplace gossip creates an unbearable work environment, which can foster backstabbing and hinder good teamwork. Gossip can also become harassment, especially when it becomes hostile. 

Avoid workplace gossip by politely changing the subject or saying something positive. 


5. Lying 

Whether it is a little white lie or a monumental one, don’t lie! 

There are few things worse than being caught in a lie at work, significantly more than once. It tells your colleagues not to believe you and makes you untrustworthy. 

Everything you say is double-checked to ensure accuracy, and it becomes difficult to trust you with projects.

Our advice? Never tell a lie at work!


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