5 Lessons we learnt from Tara Durotoye’s Teaching at the Excellence in Leadership Conference 2017


Tara Fela Durotoye (or TFD as we like to call her) has been dishing out business advice since 1807. Haha scratch that please. For as long as we can remember, TFD has been mentoring and building entrepreneurs around the Nigeria and beyond. Here are 5 things we learned from her riveting session at the recently concluded Excellence in Leadership Conference:


Embrace your small beginnings
Be proud of your small beginnings. Because small beginnings mean that you have capacity to grow.
You may not reap where you sow, but you will reap what you sow
Invest in people, and do not change even if things do not work out. When you train entrepreneurs, you are investing in the Nigerian economy.
Bank every transaction that comes into your business
It affirms that you have revenue assurance, and that your business is accountable.
Our businesses need Structure
Many times we don’t attract talent because our businesses are not properly structured. Sometimes our businesses are too dependent on us. Structure helps our businesses outlive us.
‘’if you are the only person involved in your business pay yourself a fixed salary. Email yourself your payslip’’
It is our responsibility as leaders to build the people who work with us, create impact and solve social issues.

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