5 lessons to end the year with, from Dudu Msomi’s LLA interview.

Dudu Msomi is the CEO of Busara Leadership Partners, a research-orientated strategic advisory service and consulting company whose expertise is to facilitate the development and effectiveness of leaders to achieve their desired goals.

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Today we’re sharing some end of year tips from our LLA interview with Dudu Msomi, as she taught us how she has managed to live an authentic life in this world were the societies values and morals keep changing on a daily basis.

here are 5 lessons to end the year with.


  • To live an authentic life, we have conscious choices so that we have no regrets.
  • When you live your life’s purpose, things become easy for you, but in essence it is the universe supporting your choices.
  • Our life journey is peppered with guardian angels that lighten life’s load and help make things happen for you as you progress.
  • Start within and the impact will be felt without in a powerful and lasting way.
  • Have integrity, have courage, value independent minds, and be committed to the success of your life’s journey.

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