5 healthy fruit smoothies you should try now!

Fruit smoothies have always been around. For people who found it somewhat of a bother to always include fruits in their food intake, smoothies have always been an easy way to do it. In recent years, however, fruit smoothies have gained even more popularity as a fully balanced, highly nutritious breakfast that you can have on the go.

New recipes have continually been created that supplement basic fruit smoothies with protein, fibre and more dietary staples. This article will share some of these tested and trusted recipes. If you are always on tight schedules and worrying about your diet, then rest assured, this is for you.

What are fruit smoothies, and why do we love them so much?

Fruit smoothies are basically blended fruits, sometimes with a liquid base like fruit juice, yoghurt, coconut, soy or almond milk and more. Fruit smoothies are an undemanding way to satiate hunger fast! They are also a nutritional powerhouse as a simple jumble of one or more fruits, milk, yoghurt or juice, and seeds or any supplement of choice provide a rich combo of protein, fat and carbohydrates. 

Interest in a healthy lifestyle has increased sharply since 2020, and the smoothies’ popularity is right with it. In fact, according to a Tufts nutrition survey, 50% of GenZ say that they are willing to pay higher for food that they perceive to be healthier. 

Smoothie supplements add the extra nourishing kick to what some might consider a plain blend of vitamins and fibre. Some beloved smoothie supplements include; granola, chia seeds, protein powder, matcha powder, and more

It is important to note that while the recipes we’ll be sharing have been tested to be delicious and healthy, you can get experimental with your smoothie recipes. Mix a couple of fruits, test out several liquid bases, rank them in order of preference, read up on the nutritional content of several smoothie supplements and match them to your dietary needs. You can experiment and create your signature recipes. 

# Banana-Pineapple-Coconut Smoothie

What’s better than a banana smoothie? A Pina-Colada-flavoured Banana smoothie! Your ingredients are; Chopped bananas, ½ of pineapple, coconut milk/water, and a dash of greek yoghurt. Blend all ingredients, and you’re good to go!

# Apple-Strawberry-Chia Smoothie

The nutritional profile of Chia seeds includes high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins B1 and B3, to name a few, has made it very desirable as a supplement for smoothies. This recipe contains chopped apples, frozen strawberries, 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds, and milk(or any non-dairy options). This smoothie promises nutritional benefits in a tasty package

# Watermelon-Orange Smoothie

Watermelon is a beloved fruit. Blended with a favourite source of vitamin C, oranges make it even tastier! Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of vanilla greek yoghurt (or plain yoghurt and a dash of vanilla extract) to a diced watermelon and peeled oranges, and you have a flavourful delight. One scoop of protein powder adds an extra kick. 

# Mango-Matcha-Avocado Smoothie

Matcha is a high-quality antioxidant with great nutritional value that has grown in popularity in recent years. Matcha tea, Matcha lattes and even Matcha based skincare products have shown up everywhere. A smoothie containing matcha is a nutritious one. You should blend 2 peeled mangoes, ½ avocado and one tablespoon of Matcha with a liquid base of orange juice. Enjoy!

# Greenie Smoothie

This smoothie is a favourite among self-acclaimed workout freaks. This green delight is a breakout social media star made up of spinach(or any green veggies of your choice), avocado, cucumber, green apple, coconut water, matcha powder, and mint. Most of the recipes we’ve seen online sneak in as many greens as possible, so you might want to try that too. 


There you have it! 5 healthy and delicious smoothies would help you efficiently save time while ensuring you don’t fall behind your nutritional needs.

Remember to experiment with different smoothie ingredients to switch up the taste, so you never get bored. Read up on more stuff and try them out! Smoothies just became a staple in your life!


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