5 essential habits that will help you excel in exams!

‘I love exams!’ 

Said nobody ever. Exams can seem like a punishment for the blissful experience that is schooling. It shouldn’t.

Examinations formally assess a person’s knowledge or skill in a subject or skill. Look at examinations as a way of double-checking that you are not leaving school empty-handed and ensuring you have not wasted your time!

Good study habits distinguish between passing exams with flying colours and barely scraping by. 

In this article, we will share five tested and trusted tips to help you excel in your exams!


1. Having a Positive Outlook

This tip applies not only to passing exams but to facing any form of challenge. The first thing, maintain a can-do attitude. 

A problem is only as complex as you assume it to be. If you have decided that an exam is challenging, it WILL be challenging.

Even if a subject is not your cup of tea, don’t attend its classes or study it with a feeling of resignation. Use words of affirmation like, ‘Oh, this is going to be a breeze for me’, and ask for help when you feel stuck.

Remember, the brain is very malleable. Use that to your advantage.


2. Joining a (helpful) study group 

One of the significant advantages of joining a study group is that it helps with accountability. You realize that you are not the only one holding yourself to high standards; other group members are too. 

Another advantage is that each study group member can help other students improve in topics or subjects they consider their strengths. Assigning each member to explain a subject or topic is recommended.


3. Explaining to others 

This tip corroborates with the one above, although we recommend you start discussions with students outside your study group. 

Explaining to others ensures that you understand the subject and hear others’ views to broaden your understanding of it further. Two heads will always be better than one.


4. Prioritizing Eating Well 

One of the worst things you could do to yourself while studying for exams is to fall behind on meals. We do not recommend that.

We also advise you to avoid junk food even though we understand the appeal. It might seem like a lot, especially when you still have some coursework to go through but try to eat well-balanced, highly nutritious foods like fruits, proteins, and nuts. Also, drink plenty of water.


5. Destressing when needed 

Even if we try to banish all negative thoughts, eat well, and practice good study habits, sometimes the stress still gets to us! This is normal.

When this happens, it’s okay to take a break from studying. Go on a walk. Have a private dancing or singing session in your room. Hang out with friends. Practice breathing exercises. Watch a few episodes of your favourite show. 

Whatever you usually do to take the pressure off, do it! Then, come back stronger and more focused than ever!



Exams can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be, determined by your preparation habits. 

Negative thoughts and junk foods are big No-Nos, join a team of high achievers like you, and prepare as well as you can. Remember to take breaks when needed too.


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