4 North African Recipes to try this weekend!

We all have a tourist bucket list with the Pyramids of Giza and, perhaps, the El Jem on it.

The North African region houses some of the oldest and well-preserved ancient structures in the world and this has made the Islamic region one of the most visited tourist regions in the world. 

North Africa, home to the Sahara desert, the largest hot desert in the world, is known for its conservative but beautiful cultural way of life that is heavily influenced by the Islamic religion. The ancient cities and hot climate give the feel of an Arabian night story. 

Couscous is a popular North African meal enjoyed worldwide. North African cuisine is however much more diverse than you know, with flavorful delicacies and in this article, we are taking you on a food trip around North Africa. 


Morocco’s Bastilla


Image source: Belazu.com

Morocco, the country of the red and blue cities, is described by tourists as fascinating. The Islamic country that is only 9 miles away from Spain is one of the eleven countries that is home to the Sahara Desert. It is also home to the savory pie dish, Bastilla. 

Bastilla, also known as Pastilla, is a delicious chicken pie made with a savory pastry stuffed with chicken and egg and sprinkled with almond toppings. Although usually stuffed with chicken, Seafood Bastilla is also commonly enjoyed in Morocco. 


Egypt’s Koshary

Image source: Amira’s Pantry


The ancient and Biblical city of Egypt is filled with a lot of history. It is one of the most visited tourist cities in the world, attracting about 3.7 million tourists in 2020. One major tourist attraction is the only remaining ancient wonder of the world, the pyramids of Giza. Another is the delicacy, Koshary.

Koshary can be found everywhere in Egypt. From street-side food vendors to luxurious restaurants, the dish is a staple Egyptian meal. It is a mix of rice, lentils, pasta and vegetables, and the preparation of this dish on the streets is usually an entertaining experience for tourists.


Tunisia’s Chakchouka

Image source: Lesoeufs.ca

Tunisia is a beloved country because of its beautiful white beaches and sparkling blue seas. Housing one of the oldest and best-preserved Roman Colosseums, El Jem, the largest ancient amphitheater in Africa. 

Chakchouka, pronounced Shakshuka, is a popular meal in many Middle Eastern and northern African countries. It is however originally from Tunisia and then spread to other countries, most notably Israel. It is a rich and fragrant dish of egg and vegetables in tomato sauce. The recipe across all countries is majorly the same with very few variations. 


Algeria’s Tajine Zitoun


Image source: African Food Network

Algeria is the largest African country and home to the world’s smallest fox, the Fennec fox. The Sahara desert is said to make up about 80% of the country and the chicken and olives dish, Tajine Zitoun is enjoyed by the entire Algerian population. 

Tajine Zitoun or Olive Tajine is usually cooked in a Tagine, a North African pot with a cone-shaped lid. It is a stew made of the combination of chicken, olives, carrots, lemon juice, mushrooms, onions and more. 

Tajine Zitoun is especially enjoyed during Ramadan. 


Go on a food trip to the land of hot days and cool nights, ancient structures, and cultural history this weekend by trying out some of the recipes above. 


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