“My hair business was at first a side hustle, an experiment. The little capital that I invested continued to grow.”—Helen Williams,Guinness World Record Holder for crafting the Longest Handmade Wig.


Helen Williams, a seasoned wig maker and instructor, serves as the CEO of Hair Rite 9ja and Hair Rite Academy, boasting over 8 years of professional experience.

Notably, Helen Williams holds the prestigious title of Guinness World Record Holder for crafting the Longest Handmade Wig, a pioneering achievement globally.

In this enlightening discussion, she shares the sources of her inspiration, the principles that guide her work, and the profound emotions she experienced upon successfully setting this unprecedented world record. Dive into the conversation, and let her story inspire you.

You own a thriving hair business. Can you take us through your entrepreneurial journey and what initially inspired you to venture into wig-making as a business?

My hair business was at first a side hustle, an experiment. The little capital that I invested continued to grow. At this point I saw the potential and made it a full time job. I love what I do. Making and selling affordable wigs “I believe every woman out there deserves to look good  regardless of her budget”

What was the defining moment or inspiration behind attempting to create the longest handmade wig? 

It started when I was kid, my dad always kept the most current Guinness World Record book at home. I was captivated by it. 

What kind of research or preparation did you conduct before attempting to break the world record?

I have many years of experience in wig making and I have trained so many people so my experience helped a lot. 

What motivated you to persevere, particularly during the more challenging phases of the wig-making process?

God Almighty, when you put God First, everything must fall into place.

Could you share the support system you had while undertaking this Guinness World Record attempt?

My support system was my family and genuine friends.

What did a typical day of wig making look like during those 11 days?

Making wig throughout the day and night non stop. 

What emotions did you experience when you first realized that you had successfully set a Guinness World Record?

I screamed, cried. I also called the people who were there for me during my official Guinness World Records attempt.  It is unbelievable. 

Could you share any memorable reactions or feedback you’ve received since breaking the world record?

So many people around the world have been reaching out to me telling me that I inspire them.

What message or inspiration do you hope this record-breaking feat will convey to other women?

If you believe you can do something, go for it. 







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